Whether you have paid full taxes and done everything right, you could, or your business can still be selected for Tax Investigation

Anyone can be
investigated by HMRC

HMRC has introduced its new Connect System in 2017, astate-of-the-art intelligence system designed to help identify potential tax evaders. The new system is now responsible for selecting 9 out of 10 enquiries.

HMRC enquiry activity is more focused and better targeted than even before. Investigations are intrusive, costly and time consuming. In 2017-18 HMRC collected £30.3 billion through compliance activity.

Who is at risk

Some of the 2017/18 statistics. Our low fixed cost tax investigations package ensures that you get the best possible defence without worrying about the cost. Our service promise offers comprehensive protection against any professional accountancy fees arising from representation of an HMRC enquiry.

Small businesses

Small businesses represent 95% of all companies and employ some 14 million people in the UK. Despite HMRC reducing its compliance activity spend by £35m, the tax yield from small business increased by £200m to £5.6bn.

Mid-sized businesses

Mid-sized businesses produced £4bn in additional tax - up 14% in 2018/19. Those at the larger end of this group are likely to see cross-tax enquiries with well-trained teams spending days on-site and then raising queries which run to pages and pages and pages. It is costly and time-consuming.

Large businesses

Large businesses generated an additional £.10bn compliance yield for HAMRC. By spending an extra £25m on compliance work in 2018/19, HMRC recouped £1bn in additional tax - that is a return of £ 40 for every extra £ 1 spent on compliance.


Individuals produced an additional tax yield of £2.4bn from taxpayers with less than £150,000 in annual income and under £1m in total assets.

Wealthy individuals

Wealthy individuals yielded £1.8bn from an estimated £ 145m spent on compliance activity. That is an 80% increase in tax generated for only an additional 7.5% spend by HMRC.

We Do Accounting

After 25 years of running a business I have finally found the ideal accountants. They offer a great service integrated perfectly with the online software. They handle all my compliance efficiently and rapidly respond to my queries.

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What you get

No-one can prevent HMRC from raising an investigation, but with our comprehensive tax investigations service, you will enjoy the following:

  • Up to £100,000 of accountancy fees
  • Full representation to HMRC on your behalf, including handling all corre spondence and interaction, along with attending any HMRC meetings
  • A robust defence against HMRC, providing comfort and peace of mind
  • Get a qualified accountant with years of experience fighting you defence
  • Ensure the tax inspector is only asking for relevant information and documents and provide all supporting information from our files that relates to your accounts
  • We will prepare for and attend any face-to-face meetings with the tax inspector
  • Argue any complex or technical tax cases that are raised during the enquiry So whether it’s a PAYE or VAT visit, a technical enquiry or full-blown books and records enquiry, our tax investigations service is designed to get you the best result. That’s why we strongly recommend that all our clients subscribe.

Our full tax investigation service
starts at just £7.50+vat per month

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Some of the investigations we help you with

  • Self-assessment tax returns
  • Corporation tax (CT600) returns
  • Partnerships and Directors tax returns
  • Payroll (PAYE) compliance
  • HMRC IR35 enquiries for Contractors
  • HMRC VAT disputes
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