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Corporation tax return (CT600)

Corporation Tax Return (also known as CT600 form) must be filed with HMRC by all Limited Companies within 12 months after the financial year. Although it is calculated on the profits made during the Accounting Period (AP) (also known as Chargeable Accounting Period or CAP), you are still required to do one even if you made a loss. This is usually the same as its period of account, providing its is twelve months in length or less.

An Accounting Period can never exceed 12 months in length. Late returns are subject to penalty and late payments are subject to interest charge. Note, even though the CT600 doesn’t need to be filed until 12 months, the payment must be done within 9 months and 1 day after the year end.

Like many other taxes in the UK, Corporation Tax is no different when it comes to complexity. With the continuing changes in the legislation, tax reliefs and rates, it is important to get professional advice and plan to minimise your tax liability.

Sole Trader, individual or partnerships are not required to pay Corporation Tax, instead they are required to pay taxes through self-assessment tax returns (also known as Personal Tax Return or SA302).

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Corporation tax

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Planning is probably the most crucial step in minimising any tax. So, whether you are determining the most tax efficient business structure or equity planning, our qualified advisors will provide complete guidance.

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Understanding all the reliefs and opportunities available is key in reduce your tax bill. We will walk you through this process and ensure all eligible expenses and relief are utilised appropriately.

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We will not only compute your CT600 and submit directly to HMRC, but also act as your agent who will deal directly with HMRC on your behalf to answer any queries they may have.

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As you accountants we will ensure you never miss a deadline. We don’t wait until the end of the year, we start working on your accounts as soon in advance as possible.

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