Cash flow forecasting software for small businesses

Predicting your current & future business finances

We use AI predictive software that will help you automate your cash, revenue and expenditure.
The clever forecasting software helps predict and estimate your cashflow instantly and accurately.

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Connect with Xero or QuickBooks


Sales, expenditure, and VAT predictions


Predicts payment trends


Cash flow analysis


Not a spreadsheet in sight!

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What is Futrli software?

Futrli’s award-winning product is built with one mission in mind: to help businesses succeed. Their aim is to change how businesses operate by incorporating data and technology into the everyday running of businesses. With daily, data-driven insights, including cash flow management, reporting forecasting, scenario planning problems will be highlighted faster, better decisions can be made and your business can be more successful.

Since launching in 2014, and based at their HQ in Brighton, Futrli is currently used in over 140 countries, with 45,000+ users. Aside from businesses, they also work with accountants, and bookkeepers, providing them with the accounting forecasting tools they need to best advise their businesses to grow and succeed.

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Fusion Accountants and Futrli – the perfect combination for your business

Fusion Accountants and Futrli – the perfect combination for your business

Futrli is our ‘go to’ software of choice to help you manage your small business finances, not only in the present, but in the future as well – and not a spreadsheet in sight! As your Futrli advisors, we use the cash flow forecast software to predict and estimate your cash flow which is instant, automatic, and accurate.

We can provide your business with any support to navigate through these incredibly difficult. We can create strategic and long-range forecasts for your business in just a few seconds.

You can gain a clearer understanding of your current financial position and create future forecasting:

  • Expected profitability
  • General cash flow & funds
  • Any funding requirements
  • Viability of the plan or strategy
  • Risks involved, and return on the required capital
  • Any critical business issues

Small business financial forecasting software

We use AI (artificial intelligence) predictive software that lets you automate cash, revenue, and expenditure. You can also invite us as your accountant to run off reports and then discuss and advise you on your business finances, planning needs and cash flow.

It is simple and powerful to use whether you are a business owner or an accountant.

  • Connect your Xero or QuickBooks Online account.
  • Sales, expenditure, and VAT are all instantly predicted.
  • Trends are detected and individual payment days are analysed to ensure cash flow is accurate.
  • Staff, debt, payroll taxes and Covid-19 effects are all automatically predicted.

Every financial detail is broken down and explained in simply worded terminology, to give you the confidence to action every prediction.

Futrli is also a fully cloud-based system. You can access it from any internet-enabled phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer, and multiple users can work on it simultaneously.

Small business financial forecasting software
How your enterprise can benefit

How your enterprise can benefit

The financial forecasting software can form part of a business plan, or as a stand-alone number crunching document. Whatever you need it for, we can help you prepare it. Our team will work with you to create an accurate financial forecast to set your business on its way.

  • Cash flow forecasting every small business can trust
  • Control your small business’ future finances.
  • Instant, automatic, and accurate. Future VAT, payroll, invoices, bills, expenses, and cash – all covered in one simple click.
Please get in touch if you would like to find out more
Please get in touch!

If you would like to find out more about our financial forecasting service with our partner Futrli, or help with financial modelling – we would love to assist.


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Get instant predictions on your cash flow, P&L and balance sheet using AI. You can also sync up the software with Xero or Quickbooks.

The forecasting app combines outstanding invoices/bills with historical profit and loss and balance sheet performance, to give a complete and accurate picture of short, medium, and long-term performance as well as cash flow to guide your day-to-day business decisions.

We recommend you login it at least once a week to check you are on track as it may flag trends you did not realise or alert you to things that you should act on as soon as possible. Test decisions before you make them by creating your own predictions too and do not forget to invite us as we can help with any forward planning.

FAQ ‘s

Can I invite my accountant to Futrli?

Yes, for those of you who want to get your accountant’s expert eye on everything financial that matters to your business, it is a breeze to work together with your accountant in Futrli to keep you on track, and then, when you have your monthly or quarterly meetings, Predict can be used as discussion points for your goals next month or quarter.

How can I send the invite to my accountant?

Inviting your accountant is the same process as inviting any user to the Futrli Platform. Then from any page click the gear icon in the top right to head over to the settings section.

Can I access Futrli on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, Futrli is a fully cloud-based system. You can access it from an Internet enabled phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer, and multiple users can work on it simultaneously. You cannot access Futrli offline.

Does Futrli integrate with other apps?

Yes, Futrli Platform and Futrli Advisor integrates with both Xero and QuickBooks.

What support is included as part of the packages?

You get free, unlimited support 24/7 from our customer support team as well as access to our help centres. Then, if you still have questions, use the ‘Ask us a question’ button at the bottom right of any page.
You will also have full access to Peer, Futrli’s online community. It is filled with resources and help from the Futrli team as well as your peers who are actually using Futrli day- to-day.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

If you choose to continue using Futrli after your trial, you will be asked to add your billing information and will be billed monthly or annually depending on your choice, from that point. You can cancel at any time.

Can I add more than one company to Futrli?

You can add as many organisations as you like in your Futrli Platform or Advisor account. If you add an organisation and sign up to a pricing plan, you will become the subscriber for the organisation.

Can I add a user to Futrli?

Futrli Advisor allows you to add an unlimited number of users, so you can share and collaborate with colleagues, clients, or investors. To add a user, you first need to navigate to the user’s section of Futrli Advisor. Here you will find the list of Users who share access to one or more of the Organisations in your Account. This is also where you can add new Users.