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Non-disclosure agreement service

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

For a long time, non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, have been critical in providing confidentiality protections in the workplace. NDAs protect a company’s sensitive information when prospective business partners or firms and employees exchange confidential information.

In today’s competitive environment, patents and other proprietary information is essential to your company’s success. Professional relationships, too, have seen an increase in the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of communications.

To protect your sensitive information, you must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Trade secrets and other confidential information may not be disclosed, used to build a competitor product or service, or otherwise exploited for a profit.

Some non-disclosure agreements are for a specific period, while others indefinitely. Furthermore, the NDA may specify the types of damages that a person who violates the NDA is accountable for and how you should resolve any disputes over the NDA in court or arbitration.

What is a non-disclosure agreement?
Main types of non-disclosure agreements

Main types of non-disclosure agreements


When one party needs to share sensitive information, the other party commits to keep it private.


A situation where both parties are obligated to provide information to one another (usually when businesses collaborate)

Do I need to have a non-disclosure agreement?

An NDA controls how and when information is revealed. The person with whom you disclose sensitive information cannot reveal it without your specific legal consent. If they violate the contract, you can sue them.

An NDA safeguards your ideas, plans or sensitive data, allowing you to launch your firm without risk of someone stealing your work, finishing it without you, and pocketing the revenues. Also, before agreeing to collaborate, potential business partners, investors, workers, or contractors will want to understand more about your company. You can have these chats without disclosing any confidential information to a possible competitor if you sign an NDA.

You might implement an NDA to:

  • Protect sensitive or private information
  • Protect your IP (IP).
  • Non-disclosure agreements might be temporary or permanent.
  • Prevent the release of information to a broader audience.
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the risks to me and my business without an NDA

What are the risks to me and my business without an NDA?

When you operate a company, you may have numerous day-to-day interactions with customers, investors, manufacturers, suppliers and partners. Each of these has the potential risk of sensitive data of being leaked.

If you do not use a non-disclosure agreement, you put yourself and your company in danger of being exposed if this information falls into the wrong hands.

A competitor may steal an unprotected concept before you have a chance to claim it as your own if your intellectual property is disclosed in this way.

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These agreements prevent recipients from disclosing sensitive and confidential information. Fusion Accountants in London can help companies and start-ups (with our partners SeedLegals) protect their great ideas from being stolen using these contracts.

We can help with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Customise Non-disclosure agreements for each client, such as employee and independent contractor relationships.

Non-disclosure Agreement partner

Protect your ideas and confidential information with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Our legal services partner will create NDAs fast for peace of mind when you’re working with contractors, interviewees or suppliers.

Let us help you get started today. Use our non-disclosure agreement template to create, download, and print your agreement online in minutes.

Non-disclosure Agreement partner
Real peace of mind for collaborators

Real peace of mind for collaborators

Use the template NDA to prevent co-workers, contractors or job candidates from disclosing your ideas, plans and data.

  • Mutually agree to keep any sensitive information secret

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Let us help you get started today. Use our non-disclosure agreement services to create your NDA quickly and easily at low cost!

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FAQ ‘s

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protects sensitive and confidential information. It’s a legal contract that prevents individuals from disclosing that information or leaking it into the public domain.

It is signed by two parties who agree to keep the information they discuss private, and not to divulge, share or release, without the consent of the person or company who owns it.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legally binding contract so there are consequences if you breach the terms.

When should I use a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

If you’re sharing or discussing information that needs to stay private, you should consider getting both parties to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Without an NDA, sensitive information could easily make its way into the public domain.

An NDA is generally used to protect trade secrets, patents, inventions, pricing arrangements or other financial details.

How do I write an NDA?

The easiest way to write a Non-Disclosure Agreement is to start with a template and customise it so it’s the right fit for your company.

You can start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement template and choose which terms you need. It’s fast and incredibly simple.

Once your NDA is completed, we will send it to our legal partners to be signed online.

What should a Non-Disclosure Agreement contain?

  • Details of both parties involved – the ‘disclosing party’ (the provider of the information) and the ‘receiving party’ (the individual or company receiving the information)
  • Outline the confidential information, along with a legal definition of ‘confidential information’
  • Why you are sharing the information
  • How long will the agreement be for

Is an NDA legally binding?

Yes, because it is a legal contract and any party that signs it is bound by its terms.

By signing the NDA, the receiving party agrees to protect the information from becoming public. They could be liable to pay damages if they disclose any of that information but also if it’s discovered that they’ve encouraged others to do the same.