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We chase up with your invoices to ensure payments are taken promptly and take immediate action where appropriate.

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Streamline Your Credit Control

Credit Control Function Service
Why Do I Need Credit Control Function Services?
Your Credit Control Journey with Us
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Outsourcing your credit control function to us offers many benefits, including freeing up your internal resources and providing scalable, expert support as your business grows. With our dedicated team handling your credit management, you can focus on strategic growth and achieve sustainable success. Let us help you enhance your cash flow and secure your financial future.

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Better cash flow: Effective credit control ensures timely payments and reduces outstanding receivables, maintaining a consistent cash flow.

Good for budgeting: Predictable income allows for more accurate budgeting and financial planning.

Positive customer relationships: Proactive credit management prevents the need for aggressive debt collection, preserving good relationships with customers.

Reduces business risk: Assessing clients’ creditworthiness and monitoring account performance helps avoid high-risk customers and potential bad debts.

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Initial consultation: We start with understanding your business and clients to tailor our approach.

Customized credit control: We establish personalized credit control processes, including email and chase-up frequency, recognizing that each client is different.

Internal mailboxes: We set up internal mailboxes so we can communicate with your customers using your branding.

Dedicated phone lines: Our team uses internal telephone lines to speak to your customers on your behalf.

Monthly reports: We provide you with monthly reports on outstanding debts, keeping you informed about your financial standing.

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Your Own Dedicated Credit Control Team Member

At Fusion Accountants, we assign you a dedicated credit control team member who becomes an extension of your team. This expert understands your business’s financial goals and works with you to create customized credit strategies. From assessing clients’ creditworthiness to managing collections, your team member provides consistent support to optimize your cash flow and financial stability.
Your dedicated team member handles your accounts receivable, reaching out to customers for timely payments and resolving disputes professionally. This focus on positive customer relationships ensures smooth interactions on your behalf. With personalized support, you can streamline your financial operations and confidently grow your business.

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Meet our senior partner

Jawaad Hussain

Jahan Aslam

Senior partner

I trained as an auditor with top 20 accounting practices in UK and worked in numerous roles before joining Fusion in 2013.

With over 15 years of experience, my specialisms include assisting SME businesses with business advice and to provide support to achieve growth goals, process standardization and model their business plans.

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FAQ ‘s

What is credit control?

Credit control is the process of managing your company’s credit policies and accounts receivable to ensure timely payments and minimize outstanding debts. It involves setting credit terms, assessing clients’ creditworthiness, and following up on payments.

How can credit control function services benefit my business?

Credit control services help improve cash flow by streamlining invoicing and collections, reducing outstanding debts, and minimizing financial risks. This leads to more predictable income and better budgeting.

Why should I outsource credit control services?

Outsourcing credit control provides access to expert strategies and processes that can enhance your financial operations. It frees up your internal resources and offers scalable support as your business grows.

Will outsourcing affect my relationship with customers?

No, outsourcing to Fusion Accountants includes personalized service with your branding. Our team communicates professionally and effectively with your customers, maintaining positive relationships.

What kind of reports will I receive?

We provide you with monthly reports on outstanding debts and account performance. These insights help you make informed financial decisions and adjust strategies as needed.

How do you handle disputes with customers?

Our experienced team manages disputes professionally and efficiently to maintain positive customer relationships. We work to resolve issues quickly and amicably for both parties.

What happens if a customer cannot clear the outstanding debt?

In cases where customers struggle to clear outstanding debts, we work with them to create repayment plans that are manageable and fair. We aim to maintain positive relationships while ensuring your business’s financial interests are protected. In cases where resolution is not possible, we offer guidance on potential next steps such as legal options.