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Employment and Zero Hours contracts service
What is an employment contract

What is an employment contract?

An Employment Contract (or Agreement) is a written agreement between an employer and an employee.

A contract is the foundation of a working relationship that outlines both parties' rights and obligations.

The terms of an employment contract vary depending on whether it is permanent or temporary.

The company cannot set contract terms that deny employees’ rights guaranteed by English and Welsh law, like paid holidays and the National Minimum Wage.

If the worker is an independent contractor, you should use a Consultancy Agreement.

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Employment contract template with SeedLegals

Create employment agreements in no time with our legal partner SeedLegals.

Create the documents you need to bring on new team members with a few simple clicks.

  • Full Time Employees
  • Consultants
  • Interns
Employment contract template with Seed Legals 2
Create Employment Contracts

Create Employment Contracts

Onboard staff faster than ever.

An Employment Agreement for permanent and temporary employees can be quickly created from a pre-designed template.

Use Employment Agreements to clearly define what you expect from your team and what they can expect from you.

  • Create contract for permanent or fixed-term, full-time or part-time staff
  • Include Confidentiality and IP assignment clauses
  • Customise to suit your company

What is a Zero Hour Contract?

It is a flexible agreement between a company and an individual. It’s a type of employment contract, but it’s less formal because there’s no guarantee of hours or work.

A worker rather than an employee is referred to in a Zero Hour Contract.

Zero Hours Contracts are helpful in developing an agile and flexible workforce.

  • If your busy times fluctuate
  • If you can’t predict how many workers you might need
  • If your business has seasonal peaks and troughs
  • If you sometimes need to bring people in temporarily or at short notice

Zero Hours Contracts are useful for businesses that need a pool of flexible workers.

What is a Zero Hour Contract
zero hours contract

Create Zero Hours Contracts

Create a flexible, agile workforce with Zero Hours Contracts for seasonal and short-term workers.

Create and customise contracts quickly to clarify your obligations and workers'.

Contracts for your casual staff

Employ extra help as needed. Use our Zero Hours Contract template to create flexible agreements.

  • Create a pool of casual workers
  • Set out the rights for your workers
  • Clarify how you will work together
Contracts for your casual staff

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FAQ 's

We can provide you with a template which you can customise it to fit your needs is the most straightforward approach to establishing an employment contract for your employees.

You can customise a Work Agreement from our template with the help of our legal services partner by choosing terms that suit the type of employment you're giving.

Our legal partner's standard Employment Agreement is a contract for fixed-term and permanent staff members.

If you are employing a temporary staff member or someone who will work for you on a casual or seasonal basis, you should create and ask them to sign a Zero Hours Contract.

A worker employed on a Zero Hour Contract is still entitled to some employment rights (such as the right to pay at least the National Minimum Wage and not be unfairly dismissed). It is a flexible way to employ a temporary or seasonal team member.

A contractor, consultant or freelancer:

Self-employed workers are responsible for paying their own Income Tax and National Insurance.

  • Provide services to your company for a negotiated fee
  • Work for you for a limited time or on a specific project
  • Get paid after they’ve sent an invoice, not through your payroll

Your self-employed contractor contracts (Consultancy Agreements) must be appropriately worded since, in a disagreement, a court will look beyond the contract's wording to determine the worker's actual employment status.

Individual is a worker:

It’s important to know that the person you are contracting is a 'worker' not an 'employee'.

There's no obligation on either side:

The company does not have to offer work, and the worker does not have to accept work offered to them.

You can’t insist on exclusivity:

Exclusivity terms in the contract are not allowed. It is not illegal for a worker to perform duties for many employees if they so choose.

A Zero Hour contract sets out terms covering:

  • The type of work might be available
  • Where the work will take place
  • The working relationship
  • The terms of the Zero Hours contract apply separately to each shift - there’s no working relationship between the worker and the employer between shifts.
  • How you will offer work
  • The worker’s right to accept or decline work
  • They have no obligation to accept the work you offer them
  • Pay and benefits
  • Holiday entitlement
  • What happens if the worker is ill
  • How you can end the contract
  • Details of either you or the worker can terminate the contract.

The main benefit of Zero Hour contracts is flexibility. A rapid and effective business response is vital for every corporation. Employers can use zero-hours contracts to deal with unexpected events (such as a surge in demand).