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We offer completely free Company formations for all our clients.

Limited Company Formation

What do you get with our Company formation service?

Qualified accountant to provide advice on setup structure
Unlike Company formation agents who just focus on getting your company registered, we believe in providing a value-add service. We offer free consultation to all our clients on setting up the Limited Company structure. Whether it’s the advice on how to best structure or understanding your legal obligations with a Ltd Company, we are here to help.
Comprehensive service
Once you have your company formed, we don’t leave you to sort things out yourself. Whether its VAT or Payroll registration that need or a registered office address, we are here to support all your business accounting & tax requirements.

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Company formation

3 Hour online company formation

3 Hour online company formation

Certificate of incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

Share certificate

Share certificate

Article of association

Article of Association

Memorandum of articles

Memorandum of Articles

Accountants letter to open a business bank account

Accountants letter to open a business bank account

Setup A Company

Ready to set up your company?

Whether you are an existing business (trading as a Sole Trader) looking to incorporate or starting a new business through a Limited Company, we are here to help ensure that your Company Formation is done right from the start.

Choosing the right company structure, shareholding, share classes, and ensuring that the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Articles meet your business requirements is crucial at the setup stage.

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Complete bookkeeping service

Different types of
statutory accounts

Private limited company by Shares (Ltd) – Most common

By far, the most common Limited Companies are formed this way for Small Businesses, Contractors, and Freelancers. The Ltd Company issues shares, and profits can be distributed through Dividends. The liability of a member of a Company Limited by Shares is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the member's shares.
Once the shares are fully paid, then, in general, there is no further liability for the Shareholder. Hence if the company becomes insolvent, the members are not required to make any further contribution to discharge its debts.

Private limited compaines

Company limited by guarantee

This type of company is commonly used for Charities
The liability of members is limited to the amount that they undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of this being wound up.
If such a company is wound up, each member may be required to contribute up to the amount of their guarantee towards the payment of debts incurred while they were a member. The amounts involved are ordinarily small.

Private Limited Companies

PubliclLimited company (PLC)

The key difference between an Ltd Company and PLC is that a Ltd Company cannot offer its shares or other securities to the public, whereas public companies can.
The other main difference is the requirement to have increased security afforded to creditors by having a minimum allotted share capital of £50,000 before it can obtain a trading certificate as a PLC.

Private Limited Companies

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