Xero and Expensify App Integration

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    Expensify is a receipt and expense management software designed to replace hard to use expense reports that were commonplace during its inception.

    With various functionalities such as ‘one-click’ receipt scanning, company card reconciliation, automatic approval workflows and automatic accounting syncs, keeping track of expenses is easier than ever. If you are looking for software that offers Unlimited receipt tracking and expense management, please visit the Expensify website.

    If you already have an Expensify account and are looking for a step-by-step guide on syncing it with your Xero Accounting software, read on! 

    Here’s also a video from Xero on the benefits of using Expensify.

    Expensify + Xero

    Tracking and submitting expenses can be a massive job for business travellers who are constantly on the go. As the receipts pile up, so does time spent on tedious administrative tasks and the chance for errors.

    expensify + Xero

    How to integrate Expensify with Xero

    Step 1

    Log into your Expensify account.

    Step 2

    Make sure your pricing plan is a ‘Collect’ or ‘Control’ Pricing plan.

    Make sure your pricing plan is a ‘Collect’ or ‘Control’ Pricing plan.

    Step 3

    Once selected, you will then be able to enter the Settings/Policies tab and then select your company name under the group Section.

    Enter the Settings and Policies tab and then select your company name

    This will open more settings on the left from which you will need to choose the connections option. From here, you will need to select the app you wish to integrate with from the list. In this case, Xero.

    Select the app you wish to integrate with from the list

    Step 4

    Clicking the ‘Create a New Xero Connection’ link will open the Xero Login Page where you will need to log in. Once logged in, Expensify will automatically connect to Xero and will then open the sync options.

    Xero Sync Options
    Xero Coding
    Xero Advanced

    Step 5

    Clicking saves will finish off the connection process.

    Step 6

    You now need to check if the connection is showing in Xero. Log back into your account and go to the Now check to make sure the connection is showing in Xero. Log back into your account and go to the settings menu, under which you can find the ‘Connected Apps’ option. Clicking this will open a page showing all of the apps connected to Xero. Congratulations, you have now integrated Expensify into Xero. You can also disconnect the app from here, at any time.

    Apps connected to Xero

    How Xero is affected by the integration and the double entries involved

    Expensify lists the changes it will make in Xero as the following adjustments.

    1. Export Reimbursable expense as – Purchase Bill

    This will create a purchase bill in Xero that is awaiting payment. The double entry is;

    • DR Expense
    • DR VAT
    • CR Liability Account

    2. Export non-reimbursable expenses as – Bank Transactions

    • DR Expense
    • DR VAT
    • CR Bank Account

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