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Mettle offers free access to FreeAgent software

Mettle offers free access to FreeAgent software

As a result of this alliance, sole traders or limited companies can now keep tabs on their cash flow, view automated VAT returns, and get Corporation Tax forecasts.

Not only will you have free access to FreeAgent’s accounting software but as a Mettle business account holder, and you sign up with us as a client, we will also reduce your monthly fees by 10% when you choose any of our price packages.

All of your personal and business financial transactions will be synced in no time, thanks to the expertise of our FreeAgent accountants, who will assist you with the setup process and provide any additional assistance needed.

Quick and simple bank account sign up

Sign up straight from your Mettle app. Mettle will share the information you give them to make onboarding to FreeAgent as easy as possible. Then all your transactions will be merged seamlessly.

Make sure you complete at least one process per month on your Freeagent account (E.g. upload expenses, send invoices etc.) to maintain your monthly discount.If you don’t complete a process each month or close your Mettle bank account, you will be able to continue using FreeAgent, but our usual monthly fees will apply.

Here is how to get started:

  • Download via Apple Store
  • Download via Google Play
  • Tap ‘Connections’ on your Account screen
  • Indicate if you are new to FreeAgent or if you already have an account
  • Agree to share your data
  • From there, just fill in a few details and you will be up and running – it is an entirely digital process!
FreeAgent accredited accountants you can trust

FreeAgent accredited accountants you can trust

As a premium partner with FreeAgent, we help UK small businesses and contractor clients, providing complete visibility to their financial performance.

We currently help over 500 clients use cloud-based software, and we can also recommend third-party app integrations to further streamline processes.

Our client managers are certified advisors and registered with either ICAEW, ACCA, or AAT, with over three years of experience providing advisory to our clients who will talk you through the whole process. So if you would like to get started with FreeAgent, please get in touch, and we can set you up with your account in just a few minutes!

Find out more about our FreeAgent service, and remember to ask about your discounted fees of 10% per month when you sign up!

Fusion Services

We provide a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services to help launch your new venture.

FreeAgent for small business

Manage your small-business finances quickly and easily with the help of this accounting software. It can reduce the time it takes to file tax returns and help businesses plan for the future.

Over 100,000 small businesses and freelancers use FreeAgent, HMRC-approved cloud-based accounting software. It streamlines your bookkeeping by automatically importing bank transactions, including invoices, expenses, VAT, and payroll.

If you have any questions, your dedicated client manager will be there to help you get up and running with the software.

Freeagent for small business
FreeAgent software - with mettle

FreeAgent software

The software, which can be accessed online from anywhere, has several really great features, including:

  • Monitor your cash flow and see when your tax is due
  • Easy communication with us, your accountant.
  • Self-assessment autofill
  • View & file automated VAT returns
  • Finance dashboard
  • Invoice tracking
  • Review your business income, performance & profitability
  • Corporation Tax forecasts
  • FreeAgent on the go! Using their mobile app

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Meet our bank specialist

Khalid Sayal

Khalid Sayal

Client accountant

“I joined Fusion Accountants in 2020. I work as a client accountant. I am accredited as Xero advisor, Xero payroll certified, QuickBooks certified Basic and Advanced ProAdvisor. I deal with small to medium-sized entities, contractors, Landlords, sole traders and freelancers.

I like weightlifting and in my spare time, I like reading books, especially non-fictional ones.”

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FAQ ‘s

What is Mettle?

Mettle is the first standalone business banking app to be offered by NatWest, which is itself part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Mettle lets business customers apply for an account in minutes, forecast business performance and create invoices. All of this is possible in its mobile app, which is easy and free to use.

How does Mettle bank work?

Mettle offers its users several features, including:

  • Fast application. Mettle will let customers open a business account in a matter of minutes.
  • You can create and send customised invoices on the go. The app will let you know when you have been paid, or if you need to chase payment.
  • You can categorise business transactions to reduce admin and minimise errors. You can then export your data and share it with us your accountant.
  • Mettle can connect to accounting packages FreeAgent and Xero.
  • You can schedule payments on the go and manage recurring payments directly from the app.

Can I get FreeAgent for free if I’m already a FreeAgent customer?

Yes! All Mettle customers can get FreeAgent for free. All you need to do is connect your Mettle and FreeAgent account so that your transactions are synced seamlessly. You will be sent an email from FreeAgent with a unique link allowing you to switch over to a free Mettle tariff.

Can I get FreeAgent for free if my accountant registers me?

Yes, we can help with the set-up of FreeAgent. Not only will you have free access to FreeAgent’s accounting software but as a Mettle business account holder and you sign up with us as a client, we will also reduce your monthly fees by 10% when you choose any of our price packages Please talk to us for more information or have any questions.

What data does FreeAgent access from Mettle?

FreeAgent can access information about you and your account, including data from your transaction feed, balance and account identifiers. Data will only be shared with FreeAgent providing you have given your explicit consent to do so. You can manage your consent in the ‘Accounts’ screen under ‘Connections’.

What are Mettle fees, limits, and pricing?

  • Mettle is free to join – you will not be charged to download the app or to open an account.
  • Mettle is free to use – there are no charges for transactions or for using any of the account’s features.
  • There is a maximum account balance of £100,000 for limited companies and £50,000 for sole traders.
  • There is a maximum payment out of the account limit of £10,000 per day.

Who is eligible to open a Mettle Bank account?

Mettle offers a business current account, so you must be running a business or plan to open one. You will need to be a sole trader or a limited company with up to two owners. You will also need to be a UK-based company with owners that are UK residents.

Can I open multiple accounts with Mettle?

No, you cannot currently open more than one account. Individuals and businesses are limited to one Mettle account. However, if you own more than one business then you may be able to open another Mettle account for this second business. To do this, contact Mettle through the in-app chat.