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What is a share transfer?

There may be instances when you need to alter your company’s share structure, either by adding a new shareholder or adjusting the existing share percentages between owners.

The process of moving existing shares from one person to another, either through sale or gift, is known as a share transfer.

What is a share transfer
Transferring your shares

Transferring your shares

Shares can be moved from one person to another (either a new or existing shareholder). Likewise, shares can be given away or sold. Usually, shares are moved to make room for a new person to be a shareholder.

As long as a company has enough shares, you can transfer shares to a limited company at any time after it was formed.

Before you do anything to change your company’s share structure, talk to your client manager. Tell them what you want to do and they will be able to assist with any required compliance and tax-saving opportunities.

You will need to change your company’s confirmation statement with Companies House to show that the new share structure in your company has been put in place. In your confirmation statement, you need to write down the contact details of the person who bought your shares.

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As long as a company has enough shares, you can transfer shares to a limited company at any time after it was formed.

We offer a full company secretarial service to our clients. We handle all of your requirements needs and make sure you stay legally compliant at all times. In addition, our experts will give you the help and guidance you need to meet all of your legal obligations.

If you have any issues with completing a share transfer, we can help you.

Before you do anything to change your company’s share structure, talk to your client manager about what you want to do, and they will provide the best advice and help you move forward with your plans.

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Transfer your shares to anyone, anywhere

Transfer your shares to anyone, anywhere

An easy way to do a Share Transfer is in association with our partner SeedLegals who can help founders, investors and employees transfer share ownership online, all in one simple workflow.

Transferring your existing shareholder’s shares to another

Whoever your new shareholder is, you can quickly get them set up with our legal partner. Just add their email address, and they will be able to go right to the documents they need to sign.

share transfers

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FAQ ‘s

How does Share Transfer work?

It means that anyone who signs off on a transfer must see the transferor and the new owner sign the share/debts transfer deed in person. People who are transferring shares or debt must send a letter or certificate with the transfer deed to the company.

What is needed for a Share Transfer?

Form for stock transfer The stock transfer form should specify the transfer. This includes the number, class, and type of shares to be transferred and the buyer and seller (cash, stock, shares or debt). Parties’ signatures So all parties are informed and consent to the transfer. Stamp Duty (0.5%) is payable if the value exceeds £1,000. You can’t do a series of smaller transactions to avoid paying Stamp Duty.


Why are shares transferred?

There might be a need to make more shares available as your business grows so that they can get more money or change the way the business works. Shareholders may also want to give up their shares and give them to someone else.

How long does a Share Transfer take?

In most cases transfers take 2-4 weeks, however, some can take longer.