“Bookkeeping isn’t just about data entry, it is much more than that, in fact it forms the basis of reports you use to make real business decisions”. Jahan Aslam

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Good Businesses have
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To run any business smoothly, Bookkeeping is an essential requirement. Bookkeeping skills are invaluable to any small business as they will keep an accurate track of the money coming in and going out, carrying out day-to-day tasks like cash flow, preparing for year-end tax returns – keeping the finances of your enterprise running efficiently.

Bookkeeping is the art of recording your financial information so that it is easy to see what money is coming in and what you are spending. To make sure your business continues to be successful, you need to be balancing the books every month, otherwise, you might struggle to keep on top of things like stock, suppliers and even your taxes.

Therefore, we suggest you get into a good habit early on in running your business and would recommend you start recording everything using accounting software (like Xero), or if you prefer, we can take care of that whole process for you.

Good businesses have great bookkeepers

At the end of your financial year, your bookkeeping efforts should result in a ‘trial balance’ which you will hand over to an accountancy firm like us.

Our professional and highly skilled bookkeepers ensure that accurate and detailed records are maintained for all your day-to-day transactions. We work tirelessly to offer our clients with the most versatile accountancy and bookkeeping services.

We can also offer an in-house-bookkeeping service which means we can come to you and perform all the related tasks at your premises.

We follow a 5 step service promise to ensure you receive a “5 Star value added service” that provides real peace of mind!

Our Service Promise

It is essential to have a dedicated Bookkeeper, who will take time to understand your business to provide an accurate value, add advice and recommendations for your business reporting. We don’t compromise with our customer service; all our bookkeepers are based in the UK where you can meet and speak to them with ease.

We understand that every business is unique and requires care and attention when dealing with its needs. For Medium to Large business we provide a tailor-made service to ensure we are aligned with your business processes and systems and can deliver on our service promise.

We use the latest Optical Character Recognition software like "Receipt Bank" or "Auto-Entry" to aid a quick and efficient bookkeeping process in addition to manual review. This reduces the time and cost for you, minimises human error and eliminates the need to keep paper.

Our team is well established with UKs top three cloud award-winning bookkeeping software.

  • Xero Bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks Bookkeeping
  • FreeAgent Accounting

Our bookkeepers go through rigorous training and are accredited by our software partners, so sit back and relax because you are in very safe hands!

We know how to get the most out of any bookkeeping software to streamline your processes, be more efficient, and provide insights to help inform business decisions.

  • You will save space, as there is no need to retain your physical financial records anymore.
  • Save time on sending us your paperwork - time that you will get back to spend on your core business services.
  • All documents will be easily searchable.
  • Securely stored on the cloud.

If you are new to using any accounting systems, we will provide you with 121 training until you feel confidence enough to manage it yourself.

We perfectly understand that for most business owners, “time is money”, and we have trained our team to work in close harmony with you, your deadlines, and at speed. We will also prepare your VAT returns from your bookkeeping records and file them online with HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs).

Our service promise
We Do Accounting

After 25 years of running a business I have finally found the ideal accountants. They offer a great service integrated perfectly with the online software. They handle all my compliance efficiently and rapidly respond to my queries.

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Fiddian Warman

Onsite & Offsite

We understand the need to be flexible when it comes to doing bookkeeping for businesses, that’s why we offer both Offsite and onsite bookkeeping or mixtures of both to our clients. Although, it is usually much cheaper to hire an offsite bookkeeper, having an onsite bookkeeper (at least for the first few weeks) to ensure they have the proper business understanding can be crucial in being able to deliver a value-add service.

Off-site - You still get a dedicated bookkeeper and can contact them directly. All our bookkeeping staff are based in our head office in London

On-site - We can provide a bookkeeper to work for your company exclusively. This can help initially build up important knowledge about the business and its processes.

Delays are a thing of the past!

We take full responsibility for your bookkeeping services. You won't have to play any part other than sitting back and waiting for the work to be done while you spend time on other essential things.

More time for growth

Working with Fusion will get you more time on hand to spend on productive tasks. With your bookkeeping handled by us, you won't be spending time doing things you have little or no idea about.

Instant access

With the advent of cloud accounting software, you will have everything at your disposal within reach of a click. Our professional accountants and bookkeepers hold expertise in using cloud accounting software.

Looking For A Complete
bookkeeping Service
for your business?

Speak to one of our Specialist!

Complete bookkeeping service

Meet Our Bookkeeping Specialist

Sarah kash

Sarah Kash


Sarah joined Fusion in 2018 and is currently studying towards her ACA Qualification. She is an expert bookkeeper who manages a wide range of clients from diverse sectors and deals with their year-end accounts and VAT on accounting software’s, including QuickBooks, FreeAgent and XERO. When not working or studying, Sarah likes socialising and watching sitcom drama’s.

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Bookkeeping involves carrying out repetitive and routine tasks and completing those jobs in a timely fashion. A bookkeeper needs to be organised and have good time management skills. It is often the role of the bookkeeper to manage the credit control for the business providing up-to-date lists of all outstanding customer invoices and then contacting those customers with a view to collecting the debts on a timely basis.

Bookkeepers provide a vital business service. Their role is to enter, categorise, review, and reconcile transactions in a company’s accounting system. They can save you time by handling all the daily financial work allowing you to concentrate on the running of your business. The real-time information they collect can help offer you new insights into your business.

Are you too busy categorising transactions to focus on other parts of your business (like selling, creating, or growing) or behind on collecting on your accounts receivable or sending out client invoices?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then it may be time for your business to consider hiring a full or part time bookkeeper. With a greater focus on reducing cashflow and streamlining processes, a bookkeeper makes good business sense.

Bookkeeping helps your business run smoothly. This is true whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Without proper bookkeeping, your accounts will not be accurate. That means your accountant won't get a clear picture of your company's finances and you can't make strategic business decisions.

Bookkeeping may not be the most glamourous of roles and takes a lot of time, patience and effort, but the benefits which could be used to grow the business or free up time in your working day can be very rewarding. Having your financial transactions laid out in front of you in a clear and easy-to-understand format can show you how well the business is doing, and give you some warnings when things aren’t going so well. If you don’t have the time or money to do adequate bookkeeping or hire a full-time bookkeeper, get in touch with us and ask us about our in-house bookkeeping service.

When we refer to our in-house bookkeeping service, we mean that we can provide a bookkeeper to your business’s premises to perform all the tasks usually done by a full-time bookkeeper. Contact us to more about this service.

Having the two parties working closely can bring real benefits: As your accountant we can help you plan for the future preparing the income statement and balance sheet, and then file tax returns, whilst the bookkeeper can keep track of the business on a smaller scale with a clear picture in their head of where the business should be going.

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