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Tax Advisory
Qualified dedicated tax advisors

Qualified dedicated tax advisors

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we take pride in providing a personal tax advisory service to all our clients. Our specialist tax advice offers detailed insights to help you make the most effective financial decisions.

We take the time to understand your circumstances, whether you run a business or are looking to start one. Our business advisory services will help you grow faster, and we will work with you to identify the services that best suit your needs.

Business tax

All businesses pay tax on their profits. However, limited Companies are taxed through Corporation Tax, whereas sole traders and partnerships are taxed through Self Assessment.

We aim to minimise your or your company's tax liabilities while keeping you on the right side of HMRC.

The services include:

  • Personal consultation on all corporate tax issues.
  • Design an efficient and effective tax strategy for your business, achieving optimal tax management based on your financial and tax situations.
  • Run a detailed tax diagnostic review whenever you go through a tax audit.
  • We will ensure that all your tax planning is done to formulate effective tax-efficient investment planning.
  • Assist with advising on more complex transaction planning requirements.
Business tax
Indirect Taxes- VAT

Indirect Taxes - VAT

Do you know how indirect taxes affect your revenue and profit? VAT and customs duties are all indirect taxes. Therefore, understanding and managing indirect taxes is critical.

Companies entering new global markets or supply chains must adhere to complex VAT rules, as liabilities, errors, and assessments can result in penalties and interest charges.

To help you navigate the continually changing rules and regulations, we can offer an effective tax advisory service that we can assist in:

  • Performing VAT diagnostic review in order to identify any potential risks and opportunities.
  • Latest government bills and legislation that may impact your business.
  • Review of any potential financial risks and the severity of their impact on your business and offer solutions.
  • Advise on how to form a strategy to avoid all forms of risks and costs associated with indirect taxes to minimise costs, stay compliant and avoid penalties.
  • We will oversee all your internal tax-related management and procedures.
  • We will correspond and negotiate on all HMRC dealings and requirements.

Personal tax

Whether you are a Landlord, a wealthy individual or someone looking to plan for inheritance tax, our tax advisors will provide you with clear tax planning options.

Here at Fusion Accountants, we believe the better our clients understand the tax legislation, the better we can make good decisions and create long-lasting relationships. So we will walk you through the tax consequences and provide our recommendations.

Personal tax
Tax advisory cta
Our friendly and dedicated team are here to answer any tax or accounting questions you may have.

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Meet our senior partner

Jahan Aslam

Jahan Aslam

Senior partner

I trained as an auditor with top 20 accounting practices in UK and worked in numerous roles before joining Fusion in 2013.

With over 15 years of experience, my specialisms include assisting SME businesses with business advice and to provide support to achieve growth goals, process standardization and model their business plans.

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