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Tax Advisory

Qualified dedicated tax advisors

We take pride in providing a personal tax advisory to all our clients. You get a qualified dedicated tax accountant who will take time to understand your individual circumstances, your business and your future before advising on best tax planning strategies. Whether you need to advice on how to deal with a particular tax matter such as R&D or VAT on your overseas sales, or you are wealthy individual looking to plan ahead, we are here to help.

Fusion Accountant Tax Advisory services backed by a team of experienced professionals with commendable qualifications. Having worked with thousands of clients over the years and handling all sorts of business structures, we will be able to find a solution for your situation as well. We have experts who offer tailored services for all clients. In this way, you will only take from us what is best for you. You won’t have to pay for any services that you don’t require.

With us, you will always find yourself on top of your taxes. The government is constantly changing the tax legislation, and it can be hard to keep up with the changes now and then. However, we make sure that nothing goes unnoticed, and everything is being taken care of at all times. Thereby, you will never face any hindrance to your business objectives because of Tax issues.

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Some of our tax services

Business tax

Business tax

All businesses and individuals need to structure their taxes to implement their corporate business strategies successfully in order to obtain full tax compliance and avoid all forms of risk messing corporation tax. Therefore, at Fusion, our expert consultants offer services tailored to your specific needs. The services include:

  • Personal consultation on all corporate tax issues (mostly well before time to avoid any form of crisis)
  • Given your financial and tax situations, we design an efficient and effective tax strategy for your business in order to achieve optimal tax management.
  • A detailed tax diagnostic review whenever you are going through a tax audit.
  • Planning your taxes is not only important to save yourself from issues. It is also crucial for effective and tax-efficient investment planning. Therefore, we will make sure that all your tax planning is done to formulate and back effective investment plans.
  • The government has put up complex regulations on the board. We will make sure you understand every single one of them and that any step you take is following the government rules.

Indirect Taxes- VAT

Indirect taxes include all the sales taxes, VAT and custom duties, etc. these sorts of taxes are frequently changing by the day, and it becomes hard to stay on top of them. Therefore, the management for indirect taxes often becomes a hassle for most people. It is more difficult if you are handling taxes for Sole Trader Income since you are the only one working. Moreover, indirect taxes have a direct impact on any business’s liquidity. In response to the difficulty’s businesses face, we have come up with effective tax advisory services that handle indirect taxes like it is no big deal. Our services include:

  • Performing VAT diagnostic reviews in order to identify any potential risks and opportunities
  • Up to date information on all legislations and any new government bill that may be in process.
  • Review of any potential financial risks and the severity of their impact on your business in order to help you better understand the situation at hand
  • Advise on how to form your strategy to avoid all forms of risks and costs associated with indirect taxes
  • All your internal tax-related procedures will be handled, and any tax-related management will fall under our responsibility
  • We will make sure that you are well prepared in cases where you have to present yourself in front of the authorities. All of your HMRC requirements will be fulfilled well before time so that you have enough time to make any preparations.
Indirect taxes vat
Personal tax

Personal tax

Whether you are a Landlord, wealthy individual or someone looking to plan for inheritance tax, our Personal Tax advisors will provide clear tax planning options available. We will walk you through the consequences and provide our recommendations. Here at Fusion, we believe the better our clients understand the tax legislation, the better we are able to make good decisions and create long lasting relationships.

Meet Our senior partner

Jahan Alsam

Jahan Aslam

Senior partner

I trained as an auditor with top 20 accounting practices in UK and worked in numerous roles before joining Fusion in 2013.

With over 15 years of experience, my specialisms include assisting SME businesses with business advice and to provide support to achieve growth goals, process standardization and model their business plans.

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