Registered Office Address And Mail forwarding

“If you’re a limited company, you’ll need to register an office address with HMRC and Companies House”

Registered Office Address And Mail forwarding
Registered Office for limited companies

Registered office address for limited company

All Limited Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships in the UK are legally required to have a Registered Office address. This is the address where all the official correspondence (such as post from HMRC or Companies House) is sent. The address is publicly disclosed at the Companies House.

The address of the registered office must be a physical address within UK and in the same country as your company is registered in. For example, a company registered in Wales must have an official address in Wales. This address needs to be mentioned in the following documents and things of the company:

Business letters, emails and other correspondence

  • Other stationery
  • Invoices and order forms
  • Brochures and other marketing material
  • Website(s)

London registered office address
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At Fusion, we provide Registered business address services at our offices, & we scan all letters received to us & forward these to you via email.

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Can I or Should I use my home address instead?

You can certainly choose to use your private home address as your Limited Company registered office address, however there are number of reasons why you may not want to.


Firstly, this address is made public, and you may not want to have your private home address for everyone to see and for it to be linked to your business. This may be for security reasons or you have family and children that you want to keep away from the business issues.

Avoid spam mail or cold callers

Since your address is in public domain, you are likely to receive spam mail or cold caller trying to sell their services or products. This may be annoying not just for yourself but for others living at your address, such as your family.

Your creditors will not turn up on your address

This perhaps is one of the most important reasons for me, in the event of your business going bankrupt or not being able to pay all its creditors, bailiffs (or enforcement officers) will take the address on Companies House as your business address and can turn up at your private residential home to ask you to pay outstanding debts. This can embarrassing to say the least but can also cause significant stress.

Your home address is in a lesser-known part of UK

Having a business address is not well known can potentially have negative impact on your ability to do business outside your local area. This can also give more credibility to anyone looking to do business with you.

Living in rented home

If you are living in rented home, it is possible you may have contractual obligation that prevents you to use you home address as business registered office address

Use own address

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London Address

London address

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