IR35 Insurance cover and status review

Complete IR35 cover and status reviews that work for contractors and freelancers from £74.50

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IR35 contract review

Full IR35 review for Contractors


A full IR35 Contract Review assesses your contract and working practices, ensuring you are compliant and providing the relevant evidence. It will also show HMRC that you have taken reasonable steps to establish your status outside IR35.

We have partnered with Kingsbridge Insurance to provide you with a heavily discounted IR35 assessment for just £74.50 that could save you both money and keep you outside of IR35.

Full IR35 review for Contractors
How is my IR35 status determined - ir35

How is my IR35 status determined?


Your end client’s sector determines your IR35 status. For example, the end client determines IR35 status in the public sector. Until the off-payroll working reform, it is your responsibility to determine your IR35 status.

The Government is replacing the original IR35 legislation with the new Off-Payroll tax, which was initially introduced into the public sector in April 2017 and extended to the private sector from April 2021.

Why do they matter?


An IR35 contract review is a powerful tool in an IR35 enquiry, as it demonstrates to HMRC that you have taken steps to determine your status accurately.

With a professional review of your contract, you build a stronger case for operating outside IR35. If HMRC decides to investigate your IR35 status, having an expert opinion will help you to challenge the taxman.

Why do they matter
What is involved in an IR35 contract review- ir35

What is involved in an IR35 Contract review?


The contract assessment gives you peace of mind regarding IR35 status. The Kingsbridge experts can suggest changes to your work practises during the review to keep your contract out of IR35.

  • Expert opinion that establishes if your contractual arrangement is inside or outside IR35
  • A review of the written agreement including opinions on the status of the contract element
  • A review of your working practices based on an extensive questionnaire including their opinion on the status of the working practice element
  • A concise list of recommendations to improve compliance
  • Highlighted requirements of the contract such as insurance
  • Information about the IR35 legislation

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Kingsbridge Contractor insurance

In addition to offering a stand-alone policy, Kingsbury Insurance also offers IR35 Protect as an add-on to their business insurance packages. It shields limited company contractors from potentially crippling IR35-related costs, such as legal fees, taxes, interest, and penalties.

An IR35 review also gives you more clarity around the IR35 status of your contract. Furthermore, it can offer you advice to change your working practices to help you stay outside of IR35.

For a complete that work for contractors IR35 cover and status reviews, please call Kingsbridge on 01242 808 740 and mention you are a “Fusion Accountant’s client” to get your discounted review for just £74.50.

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