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Payroll Services

Our Accountants will ensure that no deadlines are missed and your Payroll complies with HMRC'S RTI (Real Time Information) reporting requirements.

Saving you time

Fusion Accountants know that you have more productive (and fun) things to do than payroll administration, so we'll take care of it for you.

Saving you money

Every business aims to maximise profits, Fusion Accountants can help.

We'll look at salaries and dividends to plan a tax-efficient remuneration strategy.

The best payroll advice

You might not be experts in payroll administration, but we are.

We'll give you all the great advice you could ever need.

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Payroll services London, save money with our Accountantcy Firm

What you can expect from our services

  • PAYE registration
  • Filing of monthly RTI PAYE returns
  • Payroll advice when you need it
  • Complete and submit statutory forms, including year-end returns, P35, P60s, P45s and P46s
  • Administrate bonuses, incentive schemes, and ex-gratia and termination payments
  • Administrate PAYE, National Insurance, statutory sick pay, etc
  • Tax efficient salary and dividend planning
  • Produce customized payslips