Registered Address & Mail Forwarding

Registered Address & Mail Forwarding

We provide Registered business address services at our offices and we scan all letters received to us and forward these to you via email.

If you’re a limited company, you’ll need to register an office address with HMRC and Companies House.

Why you need a Registered address?

It’s a legal requirement in the UK, and acts as the official mailing address of a limited company, or Limited Liability Partnership.
Details will be on public record, and it’s where company records and registers are kept.

Why use Fusion’s Registered address?

Our Registered address service is particularly useful if you’re running a business from your home, or from a lesser known part of the UK.

There are many benefits;

  • There’ll be no unsolicited mail or unwanted visitors turning up at your home that would result from the public disclosure of corporate information.
  • Customer and clients will see you as a credible and established business.
  • If you’re running your business from a small town or rural area, having an address in a city (such as London) can give your company more opportunities to expand and do business in these areas.
  • You’ll appeal to a wider consumer base if your business is Registered in a well-known location.
  • There’ll be a clear line between home and work life.

But what about all my mail?

A Registered address acts as the official mailing address for your business.
Fusion will receive and organise your mail.
Our team will scan it, and send it to you electronically and through post.


We’re experts in mail forwarding, so you know your mail will be secure and dealt with confidentially for your protection.

Monthly contract

As your company grows, you might want to move the running of your business into a dedicated office, and no longer need to use Fusion’s Registered office service.
And that’s okay.

We’d be sad to see you go, but our contracts are monthly (with 30 days’ notice) so you’re free to leave wherever you like.
Our services include email forwarding which means that any post will be forwarded to you via electronically at an email address preferred by you.
By using our address as your own, we can personally organise all the mail that is sent to us for you and with our trained and focused team each
letter will be forwarded further on to its relevant destination. This is to ensure all small or medium sized businesses or individual companies are
given the most professional and personal service where everything is dealt with confidentially for the protection of all our clients.

What you can expect from our services

  • Registered office address for HMRC and Companies House
  • Mail forwarding directly to you via email or cloud store
  • Mail scan and upload
  • Monthly contract with 30 days notice
  • Professional support

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