The Biggest Problem with Xero Integrations, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problem with Xero Integrations, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problem with Xero Integrations, And How You Can Fix It

What is Xero? 

Xero is an accounting software based on cloud storage. It is similar to many accounting software’s in the market such as QuickBooks and Sage 50. It offers various accounting features that keep your account reports such as payments up to date. It makes use of the cloud to store all the data. You can access the software either on a website or on a PC. Xero also has a smartphone app to make it convenient for the users to access it anywhere anytime. Xero is based on a range of monthly fee packages. The cloud service gives it an upper hand as compared to desktop applications for bookkeeping.   

Xero accounting software is based on the idea of connecting. It has been designed in a way that is open to a lot of other problems for integration. The main purpose of the software is to save time on tasks that previously took hours. It connects users with the government and banks and saves thousands of hours every day for thousands of businesses globally. Receiving invoices and paying invoices has been made the easiest thing to do for businesses. A task that was once dreadful and uncertain for many businesses to carry out. 

It is quite famous among companies for the features and services it offers. It is one of the best accounting software out there. However, it is important to know everything about Xero before you decide to use it as your daily drive. 

As much as it is famous for the benefits it provides to the customers there are several shortcomings of Xero integration that it does not highlight. Most of these problems are faced by big businesses as Xero is known to slow down when processing large transactions. 

Lags when processing big transactions 

The worst drawback of Xero accounting software is that it lags when processing big transactions. For big businesses that have to process a lot of money exchanges almost every day, Xero will make you wait for some time before the window reappears after processing. So if you are an owner of a big business, Xero might not be the right choice for you.  

The clerks you call in once a month or week to manage all the mass transactions might find Xero to be potentially slow. 

Cost factor 

Another major problem with Xero is the cost factor. It is far more costly than regular accounting software. If you are using something like QuickBooks, you will be spending around maybe £180-£200 to have access to it for a three to four years subscription. In simpler terms, it will cost you roughly £50 per annum. However, with Xero you will yourself spending around £25  every month if you chose Xero over the other options. This adds up to a great amount in comparison.  

Mediocre client support 

Another major drawback of Xero software is the mediocre client support. Despite providing incredible features in the accounts department, Xero has failed to provide its customers with a customer call service. Clients find it hard to resolve issues when it is not easy for them to make the support team understand their issue over chat. Xero does call you if need arises but the beginning stage of the issues is not handled over the call which is highly disliked by users.  

Reliance on the web 

Since Xero is an online business software, it has been working around web association. If you don’t have access to the web, you will find yourself in a difficult situation. You also need to have a good internet connection so you can actively access it. If you are in a situation where the internet service is inconsistent then it will create problems for you and the business.  

The disadvantage over the report feature 

There are many clients out there who feel that details provided within the software are not as efficient as they should be given the price tag. For example, a few reports keep running from Xero must be traded to another outside record (for example general record). In this class, many feel that QuickBooks exceeds Xero. The inquiry to pose to yourself is whether you have to run point by point reports as often as possible—if the appropriate response is no, this factor may not influence you enough for it to issue. On the off chance that your answer is yes, in any case, it may feel bulky for you to send out specific reports to another program for a survey, and you may decide not to go with Xero. 

Learning curve 

Many Xero users complain that the software is pretty intuitive. They feel like there is some sort of learning curve. It is also claimed that the new dashboard is not at all better than the previous one. Consequently, the complex dashboard means that you would have to hire an experienced accountant to help you with all the transactions nicely. 

Learning curve
Complex Process

Not suitable for complex processes 

Xero is very famous among small businesses as it works best for their minimal amount of transactions and bookkeeping. However, on the darker side, it doesn’t go well with bigger and complex businesses that have larger transactions and much greater bookkeeping workload. This is where it lags and this what the company will never tell you. This makes Xero limited to certain types of businesses. There is also a lack of stock control feature, which further limits the use of Xero in foreign exchange transactions and is not helpful at all for stock control businesses. 

Lacks Robust invoice system 

Another problem that is faced by Xero users is that it does not have a robust invoice system. It should provide more payments provider add-on so that payments through the ACH are also accepted instead of solely relying on credit cards. 

Get help from Xero Support

For all the problems you encounter while using Xero, the company itself has offered a support system that solves most of the problems. Let’s have a look at how you can bring into your use. 

Get help from Xero Support
Get Help

What it offers

  • Xero support provides you with unlimited online customer support. The good part is that it is free as it comes in the Xero package that you buy. 
  • You can approach the Xero Central to advance an issue with the help of the Xero support team. 
  • Most of the support is offered over texts or emails. However, if there is a need, Xero will call you as well. 

How Xero Support works 

  • Any Xero users within an organization can approach the support team. The support team is available 24/7. 
  • Xero makes sure that the right person with the right credentials is dealing with your issue before proceeding with your case. 
  • Also, beware of any contact number that might appear on the web as Xero does not offer support over a call. However, if a need may occur, Xero will resort to calling you on their own. 
  • You can attach files with your report as well as invite Xero support within your organization simultaneously. 
  • Another platform to raise your case is the Xero central. You can follow through your case in my cases options in Xero software. The expected response time and status of the case is available in this section. 

How to raise a case in Xero Central 

If you are unable to find the right information even after looking for Xero central, you can directly contact Xero for further help. The following steps should be followed: 

  1. Click on the Get in touch button situated at the bottom of the suggested articles. 
  2. If you are not logged in your Xero account, then enter the email address and password. 
  3. Type in the question you have and choose a relevant topic 
  4. Provide further details in the details section so that the support team can better understand your issue. 
  5. You can change the organization that your query relates to or directly invite the Xero support team into the organization or add the file attachments related to the case. All of this is optional. 
  6. Click on the send button, and you are good to go. 

The common issues faced by Xero Users in integrating with Share sight and the solutions: 

Sight and the solutions

Broken connection 

One of the most common issues for Xero users is a broken connection. Users usually find themselves blank once they go through it, but there is a solution too. If you ever encounter broken connection and you aren’t sure what the problem is, click on the strings in Xero, situated right under the portfolio settings tab. After clicking, see if the connection is marked as broken or not. If it is marked as broken, then click on the reconnect button and follow the steps in the windows that appear to reconnect to Xero. 

If you have a broken Xero connection, then that means that the integrated app is not able to communicate with your Xero account. This could happen due to two reasons: Xero requires reauthorization of the connection for some unknown reason, or you accidentally revoked the connection within Xero. 

Connecting to the wrong Xero Organization 

If you have, by any chance, connected to the wrong Xero Organization, then it will cause problems for you. However, there exists a solution for this too. You need to click on the edit settings button and check whether your portfolio is connected to the relevant Xero Organization. If it is not the case, then click on the disconnect button and follow the steps on the window that appears to get the right connection. 

Xero organization failing to show in the list of Xero organizations  

If you ever encounter this issue, then worry not as there is a solution for this too. All you need to do is to connect to the Xero organization that is missing from the list. There will be an option term as Connect to another one in the Xero organizations list. Click on this button which is situated right under the Select Button and here you can add the Xero Organization yourself. 

Xero error messages and their solutions 

Xero error messages and their solutions

Blue Xero icon

If you see a blue Xero icon, then it means the transaction was synced successfully the last time you saved it in the app with the send to Xero box ticked. Your next step should be to click on the edit transaction button and then clicking on the open in Xero button. Now you will be able to view the transaction in Xero through a link. If the link to the transaction is not available, then look for error messages and follow through it to get the problem resolved. 

No Xero icon

If you see a no Xero icon, then it means that the transaction has not been forwarded to Xero as of yet. Now you need to click on the edit transaction button and send it to Xero with the tick box selected. 

Grey Xero Icon

The grey Xero icon dictates that the transaction is in process and delayed due to some temporary networking problems. To resolve this, you just simply have to check again after a while. However, if the problem still persists, then contact the Xero support. 

Xero icon with a red cross through it

If you see a red cross through the Xero icon, then it simply means that the transaction was refused by Xero. View the error message to learn more about the problem and follow through. 

In conclusion 

Xero, as mentioned before, is pretty famous among business as the software has done wonders for the accounting world. However, the software still has its shortcomings, of which a few can be resolved through the relevant solutions mentioned in the article. But not all of the issues can be resolved as Xero would have to work on its algorithms to accommodate a wider range of businesses. 

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