The freedom of working as a freelancer allowing you to choose the line of work that you love the most and simultaneously having a great work-life balance is proving popular work route. The biggest problem is finding clients especially when you are first starting out and a steady flow of work.

Freelance Websites that are specifically geared to different niche markets will allow you to find clients that are looking for freelancers with your specific skillset. Specialising is the best way to grow your client base and build a solid reputation.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Freelance Websites that you should be searching to find the best clients and the best projects that meet your specific expertise.


Toptal is a one of the most exclusive websites for Freelancers who have experience and expertise. The screening process makes this top freelance website a great way to get the best jobs with the biggest international companies – JPMorgan, Hewlett Packard, Emirates to name but a few.

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If you are looking for international clients, then this is the Freelance website for you. Projects are available worldwide with well-payed projects posted daily.

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A UK-based Freelance network that details work per hour and fixed contracts for remote and online projects. It is great for web developers and designers as well as SEO specialists

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Freelance Alliance

A jobsite that is based in the UK with a straightforward registration process for UK freelances only. With a whole host of creative freelance jobs that match freelancer’s skills to client’s specific requirements. This jobsite has many resources for freelancers as well.

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Guru will match you freelance skills and expertise to clients from their database. Their network is 1.5million strong. The Work Room makes it easy to manage your projects liaising with clients and jobs are advertised daily.

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Exploring Contently will be well worth your time if you are a writer or content freelancer. You will find a professional network where brands are looking for expert content marketers with top rates which are paid on submission.

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YunoJuno run a freelance service to some of the biggest brands offering freelancers top jobs from top clients. By joining the YunoJuno community as a freelancer you will be networked to great brands who are looking for expert freelancers to complete their projects.

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Project that are categorized makes this website easy to navigate and helps you match your skills to the perfect project.
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Elevate will certainly get you the best projects especially if you are a IT freelancer. There is no finder’s fee and uploading your CV online is easy.

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This website matches freelancers with clients cutting out the middleman. You can choose the right project and communicate with clients online or offline. Freelancers can also bid on jobs whereby they can be contacted directly by clients.

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Depending on your industry and location you will find that only 3 or 4 of the above sites are worth searching on.

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