Our clients love Xero and so do we. That’s why it’s included in our fixed price packages at no extra cost. By sharing our latest business numbers over the cloud with us, we can work together to make your business succeed.

Expert Xero Accountants


Xero is probably the world’s fastest growing accounting softwares for small businesses.  The cloud based accounting software is easy to use and help you save huge amount of time dealing with paperwork.  There are many softwares integrations available allowing further automation and time saving, whether that chasing invoices to having direct bank feeds.   

We pride ourselves in providing expert accounting service to our Xero clients taking the pain out of their accounting work.  All our staff are qualified Xero accountants and help our clients with setting up their accounts to integrating with external softwares.  The accounting software is included as standard in all our fixed price packages at no extra cost. 

Below we have summarised some of key benefits of Xero.   

Xero Dashboard

View all your key information in one simple place with the Xero online accounting dashboard. You can also track your bank balances, invoices, expensess and much more enabling you to stay ahead of your finances.

Some main dashboard features

  • View your cash flow
  • View all your bank accounts and credit card information in one place
  • Follow up on outstanding invoices
  • Monitor your sales and spending
  • Track specific parts of your business

Great Professional Looking Invoices

You can customise the look of your invoices by using our Xero invoice templates. Also, add or edit a specific branding theme, add your payment terms, or just simply upload your company logo.


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Purchases & Expenses

Easily track, claim and manage your expenses

Reduce the workload of recording and tracking expenses with Xero online claims and approvals.

Allow your staff access to Xero so they are able to submit expenses and create claims online, even while they are out of the office. You can also control the permissions access staff get, so they can add or approve expenses without looking at your financials.


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Pay your staff, send payslips and run reports with simple small business payroll software.

Xero payroll not only manages the tasks you have to do, it automatically updates your accounts and creates HMRC submissions too.

Payroll provides everything you need to track working hours, manage leave and process pay – with controlled access for employees.

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Xero Quotes & Estimates

 Create and send a personalised online quote or estimate on the spot. When you need to bill a customer, simply create an invoice from the quote.

Create quotes quickly from anywhere

Create and send quotes in minutes using the contact, inventory and pricing information you’ve set up in Xero. Use your smartphone to send quotes on the the spot, from wherever you are.

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Xero Banking

 Connect to your bank so your bank transactions flow effortlessly into Xero

Not only will you be more in control of your business finances, come tax time most of the hard work is done – you’ll already have categorised income and expenses, and matched payments to invoices.

Connect to your bank for automatic updates

You can set up feeds from multiple banks and any number of bank accounts. Bank feeds are automatic, secure, accurate and reliable – there’s no need to do manual imports any more

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Xero VAT Returns

VAT Returns filed for you

Easy-to-use VAT online software makes it simple to create and submit your VAT returns online to HMRC as well as to track and manage VAT. t’s quick and easy to manage VAT online with Xero. If you’ve registered for online VAT filing with HMRC, and file monthly or quarterly, simply publish your return and file it with HMRC directly from Xero. If you file for a different period, or you prefer to do it separately, you can publish your return and submit it to HRMC outside of Xero.


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Ultimate Integration

Xero can work alongside hundreds of other apps, including inventory, expenses, and invoicing apps.

Business on the go

You can pretty much do anything on your mobile these days.

Now business is no different.

Xero has apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, so you can do business whenever you want, wherever you are.

Xero is easy for everyone

Your Xero accountant will include unlimited users, so anyone in your business that needs access can have it.

That includes us too. It means that when you need help, we can see exactly that the problem is and fix it for you.

Part of Fusion package

Whichever software you choose, it comes as part of your Fusion package.

Get in touch for a free consultation, and we’ll help you decide the best option for you.

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Making accounting easy

Technology is supposed to make things easier, and Xero does just that.

You can use Xero to:

  • Create professional invoices, and be notified when they’re opened
  • Easily handle personal expenses
  • Quickly integrate banking, credit card and PayPal transactions
  • Create and email custom purchase orders and copy to bills for payment
  • Instantly create, view, and share reports

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