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We are KashFlow Accountants in London, Hounslow & Kingston.
KashFlow is easy-to-use, powerful, accessible from anywhere, free & fast supprot loaded with invoice templates and features automated invoicing.
We are KashFlow Accountants for Small Businesses, Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers and Sole Traders.

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Main KashFlow Accounting Software Features

KashFlow Accounting Software, Dashboard

KashFlow Dashboard

KashFlow's Dashboard was designed with the aim to simplify and declutter the dashboard, and allow you the option to customise what you see on the dashboard, based on your unique information needs.

The KashFlow Dashboard facilitates a "snapshot" of how your business is performing and at the same time with easy access to critical information about your finances, and the ability to perform key tasks instantly.

FreeAgent Accounting Software, Invoices

Great Looking Invoices

Creating invoices with KashFlow accounting software is easy and customisable. With a few clicks, you can easily edit the existing look, arrange your content and layout of the standard invoice templates to suit your business brand.

Invoices can be setup so that they get sent out automatically. Another great feature is the ability to be alerted by email when an invoice is overdue for payment.

KashFlow Accounting Software, purchases & expenses

Purchases & Expenses

Automated Purchases - KashFlow Accounting Software allows you to input as many purchases as you want, KashFlow can also automate your recurring purchases and let your suppliers know by email when they have been paid.

Kashfow Payemnts

KashFlow Payments

KashFlow Payments is an easy way of receiving instant one-off or recurring payments to help reduce the stress of late-paying clients.

KashFlow Easy and simple payment feature

An easier way to get paid

With KashFlow’s new Payments tab you can take card and/or bank payments from customers via KashFlow's secure payment gateways. There is also an option of adding a ‘pay online’ button to your invoices – a nice feature to simplify the way you get paid.

FreeAgent Accounting Software, Time Tracking

KashFlow Quotes & Estimates

Quotations and Estimates are created the same way an invoice is created. Once your quote is accepted by the customer / client, with just a press of a button and it gets converted into an invoice

KashFlow Accounting Software, banking

Banking Simplified

You can set up all your bank accounts in KashFlow, both personal (for expenses) or business. Your bank balances can be viewed from the dashboard. Another nice feature is repeat transactions which can be set up to recur at regular intervals. You can also quickly record transfers between accounts. Automatic Bank Feeds can be setup to import your bank transactions directly into KashFlow.

KashFlow Accounting Software - Accountaning & Reports

Accounting & Reports

Besides Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports, KashFlow Accounting software offers a wide range of various graphical reports. If you’re not "finance-savvy", you will have a clear picture of how much you’re spending, what customers are spending, and an overall idea of your businesses day-by-day , week-by-week or month-by-month performance.

The basic accounting and financial reports available within KashFlow are:

  • Balance sheet
  • Money you owe
  • Money you are owed
  • Customer's history reports
  • Monthly P&L
  • Trial balance
  • Customer transactions
  • Supplier transactions
  • Many more
KashFlow Accountants, VAT Returns

VAT Returns filed for you

Small businesses cannot afford to miss any HMRC deadlines. With KashFlow, Vat Returns and ESL (EC Sales lists) can be be filed directly to HMRC, with just a click from the KashFlow Accounting Software.

KashFlow Accountants Payroll


KashFlow Payroll makes managing your company payroll easy to use and simple, because KashFlow Accounting Software is cloud based, you have access anytime from many different devices including your mobile smart phone.

Easily manage all company pay cycles, keep track of all your employee pay information, and even edit payslips on the move. You can also automate your Real Time Information (RTI) submissions, and being HMRC recognised, we can ensure your submissions are timely and correct.

KashFlow Mobile App

KashFlow iPhone App is available in Apples App Store. If you have a KashFlow account and an iPhone, you can download the free app.

Using the app you can generate invoices, check your bank balances, overdue invoices and purchases, adding / emailing new purchases and sales, etc

Download the KashFlow App.

KashFlow Accountanting Software, App
KashFlow Accountanting Software, App

A simple design

KashFlow's software is designed to be simple and easy to use.

You don't need to be an accounting expert, because it does all the hard work for you.

Online accountancy - anywhere, anytime

Everything you do in KashFlow will be in cloud so you or anyone in your business can work wherever you have an internet connection.

It does everything

It makes all your accounting easy, from banking and credit control to quotes, estimates, and invoicing.

Part of Fusion package

Whichever software you choose, it comes as part of your Fusion package.

Get in touch for a free consultation, and we'll help you decide.

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