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We use our many years of specialist accounting experience along with the latest software to give a modern accounting service for contractors. We are fully qualified Chartered Accountants with over 30 years experience and have accounting offices in London, Kingston & Hounslow. We are specialist online contractor accountants and are able to serve Contractors across the UK.

The latest and greatest accounting software

We give you a choice of four different accounting software (FreeAgent, Xero, Kashflow or Quickbooks).

Whichever you choose, you can do anything from sending invoices to creating and sharing reports at the press of a button.

Bringing traditional accounting services into the modern world

You might be thinking, if I have this great software, why do I need an accountant?

Because Fusion uses software as a tool to bring traditional accounting services into the modern world.

You’ll still get the personal service you’d expect from a traditional accountancy firm, a dedicated accountant who’ll know how to:

  • Maximise your take-home pay
  • File your accounts and tax returns to HMRC
  • Offer any advice you might need
  • And more…

You won’t just be another client to us

We’ll get to know you and your business and make sure you get a specialist contractor accounting service built around you.

The change from permanent employment to contractor

Moving from permanent employment to working as a contractor can be incredibly rewarding, from more take-home pay, to greater job satisfaction.

It can also be confusing, with a minefield of rules to follow.

Want to hear more about how we can help?

What you can expect from our services

  • Specialiast Accountants for Contractors
  • Business and Tax advice
  • Annual Statutory Accounts, Corporation Tax etc
  • Annual Returns
  • VAT & Payroll submissions
  • Registered Business Address
  • And more…

The IR35 minefield

In simple terms, IR35 is a set of rules that decide if you can class yourself as a contractor, or if you are still an employee.

If HMRC decides you’re an employee, you’ll lose the benefits of being a contractor, such as higher take-home pay.

All the benefits of being a contractor without the IR35 pain

Fusion will advise you on how to conduct business as a contractor, and not be deemed an employee by HMRC.

Fusion Accountants will make sure you get to keep all the benefits of being a contractor without having to worry about IR35 rules.

Insurance for Contractors

Deciding which Insurance Policy to take out as a Contractor or Freelancer can be a complicated task. You will need to decide which Insurance taking out an Insurance policy at the onset of starting your business is a must.
Read more about Insurance for Contractors

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