Xero Bookkeeping: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Xero Bookkeeping: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Xero Bookkeeping Its Not as Difficult as You Think

To understand whether Xero is difficult or not, you first need to know what its fundamental function is and how it works. In situations where you find yourself stuck with logistics on managing customers and invoicing, Xero is what you need. Xero, along with numerous features, has a fantastic range of integrations with over 500 applications available on the market currently. 

Xero can be regarded, without any doubt, as one of the best bookkeeping software in the market. If you are running a business and have not considered Xero, then you are missing out big time. Xero has surprised its customers with new and better features every now and then which are up to date with the needs of the market. Xero, with its cloud software and the mobile app, has made it incredibly convenient for people to handle their finances anywhere, anytime. This, combined with Xero’s integration with a range of apps in the market, makes it incredibly useful for a number of people out there. 

Xero has an API tool that lets it talk to other software. The API has provided Xero with a quick and smart way to integrate with other applications. For instance, with free API access, you can build an integration between your billing system and Xero. 

Let’s have a look at some of the Good things about Xero: 

Access from Anywhere, Anytime 

Having access to all the accounting records and transactions anywhere, anytime was something no one had thought about coming true until cloud accounting happened. Due to it being cloud-based, Xero allows users to access its features at all locations having an internet connection and a computer or smart device. Users are not limited by a non-remote PC anymore as in the era of desktop accounting software. Xero is available on all smart devices having a browser and connected to an internet connection. All the things that are required to make this happen are a solid internet connection and a subscription to the online Xero software. Being all the cloud, Xero instantly updates data and information for all users, no matter where you made the changes. 

Easy transactions 

If you list down all the amazing features of Xero, being able to make transactions as easily as Xero makes it will be in the top order. Xero enables users to make any edits to the purchase files in split seconds. Moreover, it also provides users with templates. Templates are for those users who don’t like going through the drafting part. When you are too tired or are simply not interested in drafting, you can simply use one of the templates that Xero offers. Just fill in all the relevant fields, and you will be good to go. 

Xero not only makes the whole process of transactions easy; it also makes sure that you don’t face any trouble afterward. The software has been designed in a way to avoid fraud. It has a multiple approval model combined with the two-factor authentication ensures that the possibilities of fraud are minimized. It offers a detailed list of all performed actions that provides all details related to a transaction. With regards to sales, it enables users to classify invoices as delayed, awaiting payment, awaiting approval or drafted as well as control purchase orders. 

Automated Daily Bank Feeds 

Xero did not just make transactions easy. It also introduced automation of tasks for the accounting world. With Xero, users can easily link up their bank accounts with the software. This link enables users to have access to a bank feed. Xero automatically updates all the bank statements in the bank feed. The bank feeds are updated quite frequently, and daily summaries are provided, which enable users to have access to all sales invoices on their fingertips. Consequently, a lot of time and effort is saved, which you can use to do other productive tasks.   

An overview of your business’s current financial health 

All those businessmen who have craved a quick and efficient financial feedback on hands at all times, Xero has made their wish come true. Xero makes this possible because of its financial reporting feature. This feature provides a summary of all the financial reports and tasks that have taken place. Users can also add or remove filters to only see stuff that they desire to see in the summary report. 

Apart from providing standard reports such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow records, etc. Xero also provides additional analysis. For instance, some reports put together specific details such as tackling sales per item, expenses per contacts, aged payables, etc. Xero also allows you to filter imperative transactions, draft invoicing histories for different clients, etc. 

Collaboration Made Easy 

Collaborations were never as easy as they are with Xero. Xero’s use of the cloud makes it possible to have access to all the information at all times. As a result, collaboration becomes fast and easy to achieve. All you have to do is make a click, and it will be done in a matter of seconds. 

Moreover, Xero’s integration with 500+ apps gives it an upper hand than much other software out there. The integration helps users to easily slide through one platform to another and stay connected with everything going around their business. Xero has the ability to draw information out of the applications for its use or draw information out for the applications. 

Cloud Software is Always Updating 

Operating based on a cloud has its advantages. One of the greatest advantages is frequent updates suiting the needs of the current marketplace. Moreover, improvements can be made, which Xero rightfully makes regularly in order to fulfil the needs of its customers. All updates take place over the cloud and are quick and efficient. Consequently, customers and are never unhappy for long if some glitch occurs as Xero can quickly respond by releasing a push update. This makes Xero far better than all traditional accounting software. 

Xero Advantages

These were some of the amazing things about Xero. Now let’s dig into advantages on a personal level for customers:  

Xero Advantages
Xero Advantages

Easy to understand 

As much as you find it hard to understand accounts, Xero will make it easy for you. One of the greatest strengths of Xero accounting is the simplicity and user-friendliness of the software. All the web-based bundles offered by Xero are intended for non-accountants. Xero has made difficult tasks easy for the average person, such as creating sales invoices and logging purchase invoices. So basically, all the bundles are focused around the key tasks that users need to perform.   


This has been talked about before, but the openness Xero offers its users is commendable. From being able to share files over the cloud to access the very same files from the convenience of a smart device. This is one of the major reasons why Xero is considered so simple and easy to use.   

Remote help by the accountant is possible 

Xero enables its users to share information with their accountants easily. For instance, suppose you are using Xero and get stuck with an issue. Now to get help from your accountant won’t require him to come over and solve it for you. You can simply ring up the accountant, get him on a call on skype or any software that suits you. Once on the call, you can simply share your screen and let the accountant visually know what the issue is. He can then figure out and tell you the solution. Consequently, your problems get solved faster, and you save a good amount of time. Moreover, the administration cost goes down as well as the accountant won’t charge as much as he would have if he had to come over to the office to solve the issue. 

Safe information backup 

Something that all people are usually worried about is losing their bookkeeping records. However, with Xero, your worries of losing data go away as it is constantly taking backups on different servers. Having backups on different servers means that in any case you lose your data and one or two of Xero’s servers go down simultaneously (worst case scenario) then you still have the chance to retain your data from a third server. Isn’t that great? This is not just it. You won’t even be informed about the unfortunate event. Xero will handle everything on its own and resolve the issue without causing you any inconvenience.    


Another thing that makes Xero easy for users is its usefulness. Xero is skyrocketing at the current moment and is fully grown into professional cloud-based accounting software. The number of features it offers make it incredibly useful and easy to operate for anyone. It offers automated bank reconciliations, multi-currency preparing, and recurring invoices among different features.  

Real-time business management 

This is again related to the cloud-based feature of Xero. On a desktop accounting software, you are usually running a long time behind as you have to update stuff manually. However, with Xero and its automation, you are able to experience real-time business management that enables you to make month to month close-outs simple.   

Xero training portal 

Xero is essentially a relatively easy software to use, and no one has to spend in days to understand it. However, if you still have some issues or want to start perfect, Xero has a training portal where you can take courses or choose learning programs to understand the software. 

Xero training portal
Training Portal

The courses that Xero training portal offers are: 

  • Bank accounts and feeds 
  • Invoices and quotes 
  • Bills, purchase orders and expenses 
  • Reporting and tracking 
  • Project management 
  • Practice management 
  • Inventory 
  • Accounting tasks 
  • Contacts, clients, and communication 
  • Importing and exporting data 
  • Connected apps and services 
  • Growing your business 
  • Reporting and tracking 
  • Tax d filing 
  • Support security and updates 
  • Fixed assets  
  • Your industry and Xero 

With all these courses offered by Xero, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything. If you find yourself struggling with anything, simply refer to the relevant course, and you will be good to go.  

The learning programs offered by Xero: 

Xero not only offers separate courses but has a number of learning programs to help you understand a certain function properly. Let’s have a look at all the programs offered by Xero training portal: 

  • App advisory: trade and construction 
  • App advisory: retail and e-commerce 
  • App advisory: professional services 
  • Xero advisor certification 
  • Get set up with Xero 
  • Go further with Xero 
  • Migrate to Xero 

Expanded Integration Features of Xero 

Expanded Integration Features of Xero

Apart from all the advantages, Xero has for its users to make it as simple as possible for them to use the software, Xero has recently updated its Integration features. These include: 

Getting actionable insights from a single view of customers’ activities 

This update includes a whole redesign of the software with a single screen view of everything that is happening. Moreover, the cash in the graph has been made simpler for users to make sense of. 

Accessing the latest information about business contacts through Gmail 

Xero has integrated with Google and now shows all of your Gmail contacts alongside the regular contacts. 

Driving new revenue opportunities with Smart Lists 

Smart lists is another amazing feature that has been recently introduced by Xero. The smart list allows users to categorize the contacts according to their purchase history, location, etc. 

Using Single Sign­-on (SSO) to sign in 

Xero has made it easier for users to sign in the dashboard by allowing them to use their Google account to sign in. 

Finding customer locations using Google Maps 

Adding on to its collaboration with Google, Xero now lets its users find the locations of their clients through Google Maps. Users now don’t have to leave the dashboard to access the map on a separate page or app. It is all in Xero.  

In Conclusion

Accounting may not be your thing, and the idea of handling your accounts might haunt you. This is the reason why Xero was made. To make your life easier. However, there is still a misconception that Xero is difficult since it is cloud-based, and obviously, it still is the accounting. What you need to know is that it does not require any rocket science. The software has been designed in a way to make things as user-friendly as possible. Give it a look, and you will understand. If you still can’t, then you can always refer to an accountant or the Xero learning portal. 

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