Why We Love Xero Integrations (And You Should, Too!)

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If it is often the case that you are stuck with the logistics on invoicing and managing customers, then Xero might be worth considering. What is great about Xero is its integration with over 500 apps on the marketplace right now. There are innumerable organizational and marketing benefits when you integrate with the Xero software. 

Xero is one of the best accounting software out there, and if you have not considered so far, then you have been missing out. It always surprises its users with something new and better in the form of features and better customer service. A few years ago, nobody would have thought about keeping up with their business finances while having a family dinner. Well, Xero has made it possible. One of the surprises features Xero has offered its users is its integration with a number of apps that has its own perks and advantages. 

Xero has an API tool that lets it talk to other software. The API has provided Xero with a quick and smart way to integrate with other applications. For instance, with free API access, you can build an integration between your billing system and Xero. 

Expanded Integration Features of Xero 

Xero has recently updated its integration services and has expanded it with a range of new features and upgrades of already existing features. The latest updates are also based on a range of integration between Xero and Google’s services. These include: 

Getting actionable insights from a single view of customers’ activities. 

Xero has redesigned its software with a single-screen view of all the activities of the contacts. It has also redesigned the cash-in graph, which makes it easier for you to make sense of all the financial records with your customers.  

Accessing the latest information about business contacts through Gmail 

Xero integration now allows the business owners to have a live view of the Gmail contacts and messages alongside regular contacts. This new edition provides an up to date view of the ongoing and previous communications with suppliers and customers.  

Driving new revenue opportunities with Smart Lists 

Another major addition in Xero is the Smart Lists. It enables businesses to categorize contacts based on their location, purchase history, etc. This allows us to find the chase debt, revenue gaps, create marketing and sales campaigns, etc. it also opens doors to identifying opportunities.  

Using Single Sign­-on (SSO) to sign in 

Xero has made it easier for users to sign in the dashboard by allowing them to use their Google account to sign in. 

Finding customer locations using Google Maps 

Xero can connect with Google Maps, both on the desktop as well as a mobile device. This allows the business owners to find the locations of relevant customers without having to leave the dashboard. This feature is quite useful for business owners working in services industries such as appliance repair technicians, contractors, house painters, etc. as they can know about the whereabouts of potential customers.  

Taking actions with reports 

Xero now allows users to export their reports from Xero to Google sheets. This enables the users to share the data with their suppliers, customers, and financial advisors who can then analyze them.  

The Advantages of the Unleashed and Xero Integration 

The Advantages of the Unleashed and Xero Integration

One of the most comprehensive and inclusive integrations with Xero is that of Unleashed, available in the app market currently. The integration between the two provides synchronization of supplier and customer contact details, supplier invoices and sales invoices, manufacturing and freight costs, and all the inventory movements that take place. The Xero and Unleashed integration is an incredibly powerful combination with lots of benefits for the business world. If you have not been taking advantage of this integration while using both software, then you are missing out big time. Let’s have a loot at some of the best advantages of the Unleashed and Xero integration. If you are able to set up this integration successfully, the benefitting result will be: 

Abridged Data Entry 

Integrating Unleashed and Xero implies that you never again need to enter your inventory-related accounts payable or accounts receivable transactions into your bookkeeping framework. You additionally don’t need to twofold enter your supplier or client data. 

Real-time stock balances 

Since each stock development in both amount and worth is in a flash reflected in your bookkeeping framework, you’re ready to run a Balance Sheet anytime during the month and view your present stock close by. For most organizations, this is a fantasy as they just get this data at the end of every year, quarterly or month to month. 

Improved Financial Reporting 

Gone are the days when we used to assemble and keep up elaborate diagrams of records in our bookkeeping frameworks so as to create an item, client, region, or channel-based reports in our bookkeeping framework. Where we used to be compelled to report dependent on the outline of record codes, we no longer have to with the ability to associate applications like Unleashed to do this groundwork for us. Unleashed enables us to bore directly down to see profitability by the item, customer, category, region or channel and it puts this power directly in the hands of the individuals that need it most – continuously. The Unleashed integration additionally enables us to outline the explicit items to the individual graph of record codes which decreases the coding required in your bookkeeping framework. 

True Product Costs 

One of the one of a kind advantages of Unleashed is that it enables you to gauge your actual item expenses and demonstrates to you your actual item margins. It does this by underwriting the expenses of acquiring and amassing your items into the estimation of the items contained in the purchase order or assembly. 

Not utilizing this combination will cost you time and cash. You will likewise be getting fewer data and information which will further result in keeping you from making better and sensible business decisions. 

If you are looking forward to making use of the online cloud accounting software, then know that Xero is a great option. Apart from the many great features, it offers, Xero has many advantages due to its integration with a wide range of apps. Let’s have a look at some of the apps it goes best with and for what reasons. 


Monitoring the majority of your materials, items, and products may fall by the wayside in the event that you don’t have appropriate assistance. Bookkeeping programming is here to enable you to compose and advance your business’ stock. Xero clients have plenty of choices to help them with their stock needs. Two of the best applications for integration are Vend and Unleashed. 



In the event that you’re in retail, vend is for you. Vend offers its clients a total suite of supportive tools that include retail POS, stock administration, web-based business, and client loyalty software. This is a finished retail management system that is significant regardless of whether you have a hundred stores or just one. You don’t need to be a pro with programming in light of the fact that Vend’s interface is basic and clear. Like Xero, vend is on the web and perfect with Mac, PC, and iPad. Reward: it continues working, notwithstanding when you’re disconnected. 

Vend and Xero

Both of these applications coordinate together to bring retailers across the board arrangement. Vend supercharges Xero reports, with the goal that you can see a reasonable image of your business. View an ongoing profit and loss performance, so you don’t need to dive into convoluted spreadsheets to get your information. 



Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and e-commerce retailers cheer in Unleashed. Clients hail from different ventures; however, all exploit the ground-breaking stock arrangements. Unleashed intends to enable clients to more readily comprehend stock wellbeing and how to saddle information to settle on educated business decisions. 

Unleashed and Xero

The combination of Unleashed and Xero is done rapidly through the Unleashed integration store. Users pick what data they send to Xero, which can be anything from clients to credits and returns. 


Organizations need an amazing finance framework that is both basic and effective. You don’t have to worry about the part of the arrangement with this arrangement in your tool compartment. Gusto is an easy decision for Xero clients. See what you can achieve with this application. 



Gusto is intended to bring together finance and advantages for independent ventures and bookkeepers. This product enables you to run finance from a PC, tablet, or cell phone. Get your charges documented and dealt with naturally. In case you’re in the market for a counsellor’s medical advantages, Gusto can really deal with both for you. The product offers health plans to fit any spending limit alongside a group of counsellors to help you. 

Gusto and Xero

Your finance exchanges will consequently synchronize with Xero subsequent to running finance. Try not to worry toward the end of the month with this supportive integration. 


Square has vanquished the market with regards to on the web and portable instalments. This application is perfect for an assortment of organizations hoping to acknowledge credit and platinum cards from cell phones. This powerhouse instalment strategy effectively coordinates with Xero by giving ongoing information. 



In addition to the fact that Square allows you to acknowledge instalments from cell phones, it additionally offers a suite of different devices for your business. Square can be utilized by any sort of the organization from bistros to professional services. 

Square and Xero 

Adjust Square with Xero through the applications tab inside your Square account. Track the majority of the Square feeds, discounts, and cash owed progressively. You can get quick reconciliation of your everyday Square deals. 

Time Tracking 

Remote business, new companies, and little associations that need to streamline finance or representative time-following, focus. Never question the precision of your reports again now with incredible application mixes to help your group. 



This product is a lifeline for remote new companies and worldwide associations. TSheets enables you to timetable and track worker time from either work area or versatile stages. You’ll have the option to advantageously observe who’s taking a shot at what undertakings and were with GPS. In case you’re going back and forth or hoping to change to another time following programming, TSheets offers a free trial.   

TSheets and Xero

Effectively send out your timesheet information to Xero with a single click. Bid farewell to manual information passage and lessen the time spent on finance. Invoices are additionally a breeze with TSheets invoices synching up with Xero in one stage. 


Monitoring paper reports is hard. Some of the time monitoring advanced records is harder. Xero coordinates with software that enables you to change over your receipts into genuine information. Remain sorted out and fully informed regarding your accounts with this extraordinary application. 



Disapprove of paper with advanced cost revealing programming from Expensify. Expensify’s straightforward interface is anything but difficult to explore, and teams love that it is mobile-friendly, enabling them to catch receipts on the go. As a director, Expensify makes the way toward checking on costs and repayments fast and easy. 

Expensify and Xero

Xero’s immediate combination with Expensify lessens your time went through with manual information passage. Presently, you’ll have the advantage of programmed receipt coordinating and Mastercard exchange imports. 

In conclusion 

Xero integration is known to be pretty famous among businesses now, and if you have not been taking advantage of it, then it is about time that you should. It saves a lot of time and effort that can be invested elsewhere in the business. We have gathered information regarding which apps Xero works best with and for what specific tasks. However, the best integration of Xero is with Unleashed, as discussed in detail.