Top Tips to Finding Great Contracts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The following tips will help you find contracts in the UK contractor market and will help you secure them to ensure that you always have potential contractor projects in the pipeline.

Tip 1 – Organise your search

As a contractor, you will have to undertake a fair amount of research into your niche market to ensure that you find a good amount of steady contract work. This research is an on-going process and needs to be tackled daily until you have secured enough contracts and agents to ensure that you have very few gaps between projects.

Tip 2 – Prepare a personalized CV for each contract applied for

Once you had found the contracts that you want to apply for you will have to send them your CV via email. It is important that your CV highlights all your distinctive skills, previous projects/work and qualifications. It is imperative that a cover email is sent that highlights your suitability and expertise for the specific project advertised by mentioning your skills and experience form previous projects that you have worked on/completed that match the skills required. Your chances of being offered an interview will hence be strengthened. It is advised that if you are looking for contracts via agencies that your CV should be sent out to them a month in advance.

Tip 3 – Follow up especially with Agencies

Following up on all CVs sent out it a must in the contractor market especially when dealing with agencies. The best lead time is 1-2 days as your application will still be fresh in the agency or employer’s mind. It is recommended that a record be kept of the dates and times that you make follow up calls. Those that yield positive outcomes are the contracts and agencies that you should pursue.

Tip 4 – Make the most of the Hiring Process

During the hiring process contractors will only have a short hiring process as companies normally only look for contractors a few weeks before they are needed. Normally your agency or an employer will hold a telephone interview to discuss your skills and experience and arrange a formal face-to-face interview with you. At the face-to-face interview, you will need to discuss the extent of the project and emphasize your professional skills and experience to your advantage. As this is the only opportunity that you will get to show your capabilities and expertise to your future employer you will need to be prepared and persuasive and willing to start within 1-2 weeks. Most contractor employers will typically take one week to make their decision depending of course on how quickly they need you to start on the project.