Receipt Bank: Work smarter, grow faster, Go further

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Did you know on average, Small businesses currently spend 120 working-days per year on admin and accounting tasks? 

Luckily there’s a more natural way to automate all your data-entry, basic bookkeeping and free up more time for growing your business. 

Receipt Bank is the #1 leading pre-accounting tool for accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses. The platform automates the collection and processing of your expense documents, from receipts, bills and recurring invoices, managing it securely online on a cloud-based system. 

In this article, we’ll highlight a few ways Receipt Bank will benefit your business. 

Why Receipt Bank? 

Firstly, Receipt Banks numbers speak for themselves, as the world’s leading bookkeeping automation platform with over 250,000,000 digitally processed financial documents and 1.3 million people that have used the platform to snap scan and save receipts, invoices and bank statements.  

Furthermore, with Receipt Bank, you have the perfect platform to decrease your workload efficiently so you can focus on your business growth. Keeping stacks and stacks of files on receipt and invoices is not only unfeasible, but there is also a high chance of misplacing receipts and bills. 

Receipt Bank, on the contrary, gives you a quick and easy solution to track all your expenses and save them in the cloud, so there is no chance of your costs being underrepresented. 

How Receipt Bank works

Keeping track of all your receipt and invoices has never been easier with Receipt Bank’s award-winning mobile app. 

  1. First, take a picture of your receipt and bills and send it to a unique email address. 
  2. Then, you can scan the documents automatically, and essential data such as supplier and amount is extracted.  
  3. Lastly, you can look at the data provided and decide your next line of action. You can publish it to cloud software, export the data as a CSV file or share it with your accountant. 

And as simple as that, your work is complete. You not only save hours of work, but there is also no room for error with automated scanning. 

Receipt Banks Cloud-based Solution 

Receipt Banks Cloud-based Solution

Furthermore, with its cloud solution, this platform not only saves you the effort but also the space to organize large sums of invoices and receipt data all in one place. All you must do is take a picture, and the platform takes care of the rest. With the revolution in technology, it is about time you make your business’s bookkeeping smart too. 

Software Integration 

Another advantage of using Receipt Bank is that it seamlessly integrates with a variety of accounting software, on desktop and cloud, helping you build a unique end-to-end solution for each client. 

Integrating Receipt Bank and Xero

As one of the leading accounting software in the world, Xero caters to many small businesses. With this in mind, Receipt Banks integration for Xero allows you to send receipts directly into the accounting software, making tracking bills and invoices even easier for Xero users.  

Receipt Bank is Xero’s best-reviewed app partner that saves hours on bookkeeping every day by scanning the receipts directly into Xero. 

Integrating Receipt Bank and QuickBooks

Similarly, QuickBooks is another popular cloud accounting solution for small businesses. Receipt Bank’s smooth integration into QuickBooks makes it the perfect accounting solution for small business. 

With Receipt Banks and QuickBooks working together, you no longer have to spend precious time on data entry by accessing automated scanned receipts and invoices on QuickBooks Online.  

That means it can handle all your expenses and costs with a few clicks. You can submit both purchase invoices and expense claims using the app, and the scanned data is automatically published to QuickBooks Online. 

In Conclusion 

As can be seen, with Receipt Bank – and integrating to the cloud accounting platform – will you save time, space and minimize errors, which will set your business on a path to greater success. 

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