How to keep your clients happy as a freelancer

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Be flexible

Being able to change how you do things for your clients is a great way to get them to appreciate you. You could, for example, work late every so often if it means doing a last minute piece of work for a client.

You’re being paid to be an expert, so be an expert

As a freelancer, clients are paying you for your expertise, which means you need to know more than they do. This means keeping up all the latest news and methodology in the area in which you freelance. It not only means that you know what you’re doing, but that you can offer clients advice.

Know your limits

One way, as a freelancer, to make clients unhappy is to over promise and under deliver. You need to know how much work you’re capable of delivering to give a realistic time line to the client.

Throw in some extras for free

You don’t have to go overboard with handing out freebies – you are running a business, after all – but throwing in the odd extra for free, such as an extra round of alterations to work, will go a long way to making your clients happy.

Keep secrets

When you do freelance work for clients you’ll learn a lot of their secrets. It should be obvious that if you start sharing these, especially with their competitors, you won’t make clients very happy.

Always show your client attention to detail

As a freelancer, you’re running a business single-handedly, so things can often be hectic, but it’s important to always get the details right. This includes everything from a project you are working on to getting spelling and grammar right in emails.

Be a reliable freelancer

There are plenty of people who say they’ll do one thing and then do another, but for a freelancer in the business world, that just won’t cut it. If you want to make your clients happy you need to keep your promises.

Take control

As a freelancer you’re supposed to be your own boss, but you can’t be your own boss if you don’t occasionally take control. Taking ownership of a job will make your client happy because it means less work for them. Tell your client when there is something wrong with what you’ve been provided and offer a solution if it’s needed.

Now that you’ve made your clients happy, have you thought about how much easier working as a freelancer is when you’ve got somebody to do all the hard work of accounting for you?

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