The 7 Best Payroll Software’s for UK Small Businesses’s in 2020

December 24, 2019

The 7 Best Payroll Software’s for UK Small Businesses’s in 2020

Payroll completion is one of the most critical tasks in a company. Proper payroll management depends not only on the financial well-being of the organisation but also on a pleasant working environment. Even so, these steps are not easy, and for many SMEs, they involve a considerable investment of time and effort.

The effort is why companies decide to use programs that help them in the long run. Knowing that the entire process of creating, managing, and sending payroll is in good hands allows companies to focus their efforts on continuing to grow and overcome other challenges that may arise.

This new year, we want to continue helping small and medium-sized businesses to take care of their employees by streamlining their payroll systems.

The best payroll software allows you to carry out the payment process easily, quickly, and of course, securely. The latter for companies is not easy because they must decide between asking for advice or carrying out the process themselves using payroll software.

However, many have decided to give a vote of confidence to the programs. The reason? They are systems that allow them to save time and money. In this way, the payment to employees will no longer be a concern.

If you decide to use a payroll program, then we will detail the most used, take into account many suppliers who are responsible for adapting each system. 

Whether it is Xero, Sage, or Freeagent, choose the right system for you.

How to choose the perfect payroll software for your company?

The main advantage of such a program is to streamline payroll management processes, saving time, and ensuring that there is no error. Companies need to high stress on choosing the right payroll software because it can streamline their remuneration cycle and add the benefit of automation in the company’s processes. 

There is an array of payroll software widely available on the internet. However, the ones to cut do not happen to be as popular as you would expect. But, they are being used around the world in some of the most dynamic business sectors and markets. They add the effect of globalization since they are available in different languages as well as localized ways.

Therefore, if your company is looking for payroll software, it must meet the following characteristics:

Be comfortable and straightforward to operate

Calculating the compensation of our employees every month requires extensive knowledge that perhaps the employer does not dominate at all. If the program is complex to understand, and its operation becomes heavy and slow, what is the use?

The best payroll program to optimize time and improve the productivity of the company is one that has an intuitive interface and a good user experience. That when you log in, the user quickly understands how it works and can calculate the compensation of the employees in a few minutes so that your advisor can approve with equal ease.

Automatic updates

One of the main advantages of these online programs is that they help companies and human resources departments to optimize the payroll management of their employees. That is achieved not only with a program that is easy to use, but it is also easy to update all relevant fields.

Employee profile

The personal situation of workers affects their remuneration. If you want useful software, it is best to choose one with which to make these types of changes automatically in the employee’s profile. That is the second it takes to change the marital status or number of children; the payroll is automatically adjusted.


The contract data is also essential when making these processes; any changes that occur in them must be reflected on the payroll instantly so that it can be reviewed on time.


Companies that offer flexible compensation to their employees must also consider the possibility of the program supporting monthly salary changes regularly.

Absences and casualties

These also affect the salary of workers at the end of the month. The software you choose must be synchronized with the company’s calendar and reflects each incident on the payroll of the workers. It will be a significant advantage at the end of the month.

An important point to highlight for all of them is the notice that companies must give to the Public Administrations about the status of contracts, cancellations, etc. of employees. With software that automatically sends these notices to each change and is updated according to current law, companies can save time and improve their productivity.

Include contracts

The information that houses the contracts on the employees is necessary to realize a payroll. If your software also includes the possibility of creating and managing contracts, you will have a 2×1 situation that will help you save twice as much time . Especially if the database from which it feeds is updated according to current law, as we will see below.

Stay up to date with the current UK legislation. 

When it comes to economic and labour issues, it is essential to keep in mind the current legislation since not following it. The consequences can be severe. Make sure that the payroll software you choose is up to date and will continue to keep up to date with all the news, such as the changes that occur in collective agreements.

Also, if your company offers flexible compensation plans, this point is doubly essential. Since the maximum amounts exempt from personal income tax are also changing, and the legislation may become different even depending on the autonomous community in which you live.

Type of contract, agreement, and salary, in particular, are primary data that significantly influence the wages of employees.

Be easily accessible 

With online software, no downloads or installations are needed. You can access all your information from wherever you are and whenever you want. Whether from your computer, tablet, or mobile. If you are always from here to there with meetings talking with new clients, this is one of the most attractive features. You have all the information about your company and workers always with you to be able to update and review it at the moment.

Safety and privacy

When you talk about personal data, contracts, and payrolls, you talk about sensitive information, and it should be treated with extreme delicacy. The program you choose must comply with all security protocols and ensure the privacy of all data so that employees and the company can manage all documents without worry.

With that being said, here are some of the best payroll software your company in the UK can use:

1. A3 Payroll

The program’s payroll must be installed on computers according to precise specifications, all with different requirements.

But that is not the case of A3 Payroll. Based on an online structure, this software works directly from the cloud, so it does not require installation. This modality has the advantage of supporting all the information on the administrative processes of the companies.

From A3 Payroll, we can highlight the following qualities:

  • Backup of information through backup copies
  • Cloud information storage
  • Management from any device with the A3 Payroll application
  • Streamlining and process automation
  • Access for employees through a single portal for staff
  • Automatic update

This system is efficient and is very simple to use. In addition to having a free demo version, it also provides a guide for the correct handling of the application.

2. Easy Payroll

This payroll program has one of the most attractive prices on the market and is the ideal ally for streamlining administrative processes. It becomes an excellent choice to start updating the annoying “manual processes.”

Among the most outstanding features of this software, we can mention:

  • Accessibility
  • Calculation via automation
  • Direct service for the management of social insurance and tax services
  • Technical support

It can be purchased for free, but you can still obtain technical assistance through the payment of a monthly fee for the maintenance and improvement of the software.

3. Payroll .NET

Very much used for labour management and payroll management, it is straightforward to use. It will allow you to improve the administration of your company more safely and practically, leaving aside the old calculation processes. This payroll software features:

  • Free demo version
  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Compatibility with Payroll software for data migration
  • Useful guides and tutorials to learn to master the system

Without a doubt, is a complete system, and the fact of being able to rescue information from other software makes it very versatile. In addition to its easy understanding, has telephone support in case you need help.

4. J-Payroll

This payroll software for SMEs, allows you to import data from programs developed by Geyce AGP such as J-Estimate and J-Income, without losing any information. J-payroll is easy to use, and it is convenient. It is characterized by having:

  • A free demo
  • Linking with other software from the same provider, such as those mentioned above.
  • Learning manual for new users
  • Automatic income tax management
  • Tools for a multitude of calculations
  • Organization of tasks

5. PayrollPlus

It is considered one of the complete employee payroll programs in the market. PayrollPlus allows you to control the management of staff resources automatically. This system has multiple tools for the optimization of administrative processes, and you can have access to the entire system and data stored in it, from anywhere and at any time.

This system is characterized by providing:

  • Adaptability to the needs of the employer
  • Payroll Management Automation
  • Standardization of methods
  • Management of human resources
  • 24/7 availability for technical support.

6. Payroll

One of the best Payroll management software, Payroll is a free system that allows companies to automate the management of administrative processes such as payroll and social security control of all employees. It is characterized by being a complete software, but that is not all because it also has:

  • Link to office services
  • Simple visual interface
  • Different tools for managing settlements
  • Contract Review

While this software is free, you can also request contracts that provide benefits such as technical support and system updates.

7. Gábilos

It is developed for the creation and handling of payroll most simply. Gábilos not only manages the payment of the staff, but also allows the printing of contracts, and maintaining all the information in a database that is continuously updated. It is considered one of the best payroll programs this year.

Amongst its features are:

  • Certification for companies
  • Automatic payroll management
  • Contract printing
  • Update of the regulations in force

Final thoughts on payroll software

Do you still have doubts about choosing the payroll programs that your company needs? With the use of payroll software, you can say goodbye to mistakes, and hello to precision: these systems record permits, benefits, expenses, and much more.

But that’s not all, because also through payroll software, you can have quick access to the information of your employees and leave behind those horrible files whose goal is only to store paper.

Undoubtedly, automation can make a difference when handling a considerable amount of “processes,” which manually would have a margin of error, which is why administrative software is used.

Payroll software is specially designed for small and medium enterprises, and the premium services come at a minimal cost. Their interfaces are created so that the person in charge of managing all documents can do so quickly and intuitively with the knowledge available.

Thus, each worker has their employee profile, and it includes the necessary data to calculate their salary, contribution base, personal income tax, etc.

Each month, the administrator can preview the payroll of his workforce and make the necessary changes, salary supplements, and salary in kind. Until you make sure, everything is correct and ready to send to the bank. Thanks to the extensive database available, with information on types of contracts and collective agreements, the program will detect any error and automatically warn for its correction.

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