We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Onsite and Offsite work to help you determine which is the best way forward for your small business as it grows and its staffing requirements change.

Advantages of Offsite Work

  • New Digital technologies can be employed to aid offsite work
  • Make more of valuable time with offsite communication methods via video conferencing
  • Work at any place and at any time
  • Remain at your place of work and still be connected to offsite staff
  • Use email and WhatsApp for business communication
  • Smartphone allows one-to-one online meetings to resolve any problems
  • Low staff and office expenses

Disadvantages of Offsite Work

  • Motivational relationship with offsite staff low
  • Implementing new business solutions slower
  • Face to face meetings difficult especially if business problems arise

Advantages of Onsite Work

  • Teamwork can be used to ensure onsite staff work towards a common goal
  • Team stays focused in a positive work environment
  • Positive work environment inspires motivation and productivity
  • Problems resolved quickly and solutions quickly implemented
  • Onsite team can launch new service or product rapidly which is important with the rise of digital disruption
  • Strong onsite team can find solutions to increase customer satisfaction and engagement

Disadvantages of Onsite Work

  • High staff and office expenses
  • Work can only occur at office during business hours
  • Less efficiency as business only takes place at office

As your small business grows you can take advantage of offsite work to help keep costs at a minimum. However, a strong team of staff onsite can achieve results quickly which will provide your business with strong growth and success.