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We are Accredited FreeAgent Accountants in London, Hounslow & Kingston. FreeAgent Accountants for Small Businesses,
Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers and Sole Traders . Complete visibility of your business with FreeAgent Accounting Software.

FreeAgent Friendly Accountants

We are FreeAgent Friendly Accountants. FreeAgent is an online bookkeeping and accounting tool designed specifically for Freelancers, Sole Traders, Contractors and small business owners to give real-time visibility of how their business is performing.

Main FreeAgent Features

FreeAgent Dashboard
Everything together in one place

Capture your invoices, expenses, bank accounts and more, helps you grow your business and ensures your business stays on the correct path.

FreeAgent’s dashboard gives you all the important information visually, in easy-to-understand, up-to-date graphs and tables. FreeAgent is a one-stop shop when it comes to accounting.

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Amazing Looking Invoices

FreeAgent Accoutning comes with a collection of professional, great looking invoice templates. You will easily find a ready made template that will match your required look and make an impression with your customers. Invoices are also easily customised, add your companies logo and you further have the ability to design your own invoice templates.

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FreeAgent Dashboard
Everything together in one place

Track your regular business payments, FreeAgent lets you track all the expenses you incur while running your business.

Track all your bank payments and ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses so you never forget to record an expense. FreeAgent offer you the ability to customise a comprehensive list of expense categories, ensuring you build accurate accounts which are invaluable at tax time.

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Projects & Task Management

Easily create to-do lists of all tasks for your project, allowing you to track your time for each one. Tick off completed tasks as they get completed, and move on to the next task! Another feature is that you can monitor your ‘un-billable’ time as well, so you can easily account for all those non-productive hours.

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Account for Every Minute

Fill out the timeslips or use the built-in stopwatch tool to accurately record every last minute of your work, so you’ll always be precise with your billing.


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Link your Bank Account

Connect FreeAgent to your online bank account and automatically import bank transactions every day with Bank Feeds. FreeAgent supports most of the popular banks including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and thousands of others. You can also upload electronic statements in a number of different formats including OFX, QIF and CSV


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FreeAgent is Accountant Friendly

By giving your accountant full access to your FreeAgent account, they will be able to review your accounts and give you up-to-date advice. This is a a modern way of working that will benefit both you and your accountant.

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Online VAT Return Submision

FreeAgent Accounting Sofwatre allows you to automatically generate your VAT returns, FreeAgent also has reminders for payment that are due and allows you to submit them online directly to HMRC

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HMRC-compliant Payroll

With the latest introduction of RTI, staying compliant with PAYE can be am issue and a headache, FreeAgent takes care of it for you. FreeAgent lets you run your monthly payroll and file your PAYE and NI to HMRC in real time.

Payslips and P60s

Automatically generate payslips for all employees each month, view these online or print them off as PDFs. At the end of the tax year, generate P60s for all members of staff and print them off.

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Complete & File your Self Assesment online

As you carry out your daily business FreeAgent works away, calculating your Self Assessment liability. When it’s that time of year to file your Self Assesment, FreeAgent will complete up to 90% of the Sole Trader Self Employment form, you can also submit your tax return directly to HMRC!

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Tax Timeline
Live updates of your tax

FreeAgent’s unique tax timeline feature keeps track of your corporation tax forecast and deadlines. Another great feature is the option to export tax reminders into your Outlook, Google Calendar, or any other iCal calendar.

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Why Use FreeAgent Accounting Software?

Web Based

Because FreeAgent is fully web-based there is no need to install any software. You are able to login from any web browser, from anywhere.

Accountant Friendly

By giving your accountant access to FreeAgent you can work together in real time.

Mobile Friendly

You can use FreeAgent on the go with the mobile version, which supports iPhone, Android devices and Windows platform.

Secure Encryption

All transactions transmitted to FreeAgent are securely encrypted using the latest 256-bit SSL technology

Already with FreeAgent?

That great news, we don’t need to tell you how great FreeAgent is. If you choose us as your accountants, we will transfer
you over to our dashboard and you no longer need to pay to FreeAgent as all our softwares comes as part of your Fusion package.

So this means, no change to your accounts on FreeAgent, no loss of data and simple quick transfer. We will take over all your
queries from day one and help you sort out any issues you may have.

Part of the Fusion package

FreeAgent comes part of all our Fusion packages.

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